Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: Bird Hunting Guide

Desperados 3 offers the player various challenges to overcome. Certain conditions during the mission must be followed in order to complete said challenges. In this Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: Bird Hunting Walkthrough, we’ll show you how you can sneakily and effectively eliminate all 5 targets without ever having to raise the alarm.

Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: Bird Hunting

This mission sets you up in a scenario similar to the one that of the main campaign. This time however you will only have Hector and Kate on the ground with McCoy scouting out on the roof.

There are a few things you will need to keep an account of before you proceed with the mission any further:

Unfortunately, McCoy is the only one who can kill anyone in this mission using his sniper rifle positioned on the roof of the mansion.

You can bring him down, but without him being on the roof, he is unable to use his sniper rifle. Feel free to waste your ammo as there are a number of chests on the roof with a ton of ammo.

McCoy and Hector – Step 1

The first step to success starts with placing McCoy on the North-Western corner of the rooftop. Clear out the entrance from this point by using McCoy’s sniper and shoot the guy inside the pen while he’s brushing the horse.

McCoy, Hector and Kate – Step 2

The third guy we need to take out is by the fence of the horse pen. Make sure to have Hector in position to dispose of his body. After this, get Kate to use her perfume on the enemies up North.

After killing the enemies, make sure to hide the body behind the horses to keep them out of sight.

Eliminating the first target – Step 3

The first target is the woman wearing Kate’s dress. Lure her to the horse pen by using Hector and shoot her with McCoy’s sniper once she’s isolated and far from danger.

The Second Target – Step 4

Our second target requires having a body tossed over him. Go to the West and keep a dead body with you (Pick one up from the many you stashed at the barn). Use Kate to go down only half the slope and get your perfume vial ready for the enemy down the beach.

Get Hector to wait outside in wait of the patrolling enemy. As the target comes to talk to the patrolling enemy, simply have Kate throw the vial onto the enemy and while they’re blinded, use Hector to toss the body on top of the target which will knock ‘em out.

Take both of the bodies as Hector and move him near the horses and use McCoy to shoot the target and kill him.

Knock Kate Out – Step 5

The fifth step for this challenge is to knock one of our friendlies out. Use Hector to pick up a body and toss one on Kate to knock her out. Pick her up and go South to the third area. You will find here a Long Coat in the middle. Go to the bushes and hide in the upper-right one.

Save your game and throw Kate onto the Long Coat to knock him out which will also turn off the light. Hide the Long Coat in the bush you were previously hiding in.

Reposition McCoy to the South down the ladder and take him to the other roof from where you can see an enemy patrolling behind the building. Take him out as he turns the corner.

Now back to the Long Coat, jump down from the fence to the second floor. Sneak past the enemies and go up the stairs. Go up the ladder and you can kill the Long Coat in the bush. Once done, head back to the main mansion.

Eliminate the Fourth Target – Step 6

The fourth target can be found on the beach (Poncho). Save your game and aim at him. Shoot only once all eyes on him from above are off. Kill the target and hope they don’t find the body.

If the enemies happen to ring the alarm, simply load your game back up and kill the enemies above. Poncho first, patrolling enemy second and finally, your target.

Eliminating the Final Target – Step 7

The final target can be found by the entrance. Position McCoy in the center of the roof and have Kate and Hector go to the target’s location.

Keep your scope steady on the target with McCoy. Use Hector to bring the target to a secluded location and shoot him.

As you do this, the mission will end and the Bird Hunting challenge in Desperados III will be completed.

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