Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: Best Served Cold Guide

Our Desperados 3 Baron Challenge Best Served Cold Guide will get you up to speed with all the steps that you need to take in order to come out on top of the Best Served Cold Baron Challenge.

Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: Best Served Cold

Best Served Cold is essentially the eighth baron challenge that gets unlocked once you’ve overcome the Back Alley Jazz Mission.

In this mission, you’ll be playing with the characters of John Cooper, Hector Mendoza, and Kate O’Hara in the City of New Orleans, and you’ll be tasked with bringing the dead body of your primary target to a boat on the docks.

Out guide details a step-by-step process of fulfilling this task. So, let’s begin!

Best Served Cold
Firstly, you need to find the dress that Kate will use later on for disguise while taking the body of your target to the docks.

Head to the Roof of the Red Building
For that, head north and make your way to the roof of the red building where you’ll encounter 4 enemies and some civilians, some of whom will be sleeping.

Take down all the enemies, and then kill the sleeping people as well, just to be on the safe side.

Having done that, jump onto the balcony to the southeast and eliminate both the Poncho and the woman there using jump kills.

Now, get back to the roof and proceed west. You’ll find a Poncho ahead of the room in this direction. Kill him and then head northwest.

However, before you do, whistle to bring the civilian on the balcony below to the roof.

Once the civilian comes up, kill her and walk up to the ladder.

Obtain the Dress
Now, before you send Cooper down the ladder and into the balcony, make sure to adjust the camera such that you’re able to have an inside view of the place.

Anyhow, once Cooper has descended the ladder, go left across the balcony where you’ll encounter another Poncho.

Before you take him down, make sure to toss a coin to have the 2 women in the court look away.

Now, shift your attention to the Poncho on the right side near the door. You’ll notice a woman coming up to him and talking to him every now and then.

When you sense that she’s done talking, have Hector blow up a whistle from the roof. When she comes up the roof, you can easily dispatch her.

Next, Have Cooper throw a coin such that the 2 foes in the courtyard look left, followed by tossing of a coin by Hector.

As soon as Hector tosses a coin, a Poncho will approach him on the roof, kill him and then, have Kate descend the ladder.

Have Kate proceed to the bottom floor of the place and crouch in order to avoid the 2 enemies there.

Have Hector or Cooper toss another coin so that Kate can get behind the table to the civilian with the dress.

Once all the opponents return to their normal positions, go around the table and kill the civilian to acquire the dress for Kate.

With that being done, have Kate and Cooper return to the roof to Hector and then have all three of them go back to the streets.

Lure Everyone into the Market
Next, head to the market, south of the red building. On the way, take down everyone, whether it’s an enemy or a civilian.

Once you’re inside the market, there’ll be only 2 enemies there. Dispatch them.

There are a bunch of other enemies that you’ll need to take out here. So, use Hector’s huge whistle to lure people towards this area.

Some of these people are bugged, so they won’t move at all. To remedy that, you can have Kate lure them closer to the market entrance, and then, they will surely come inside the market.

Clear out the Streets
Once you’ve gathered everyone you can in the market area, head northwest. Take out the Long Coat at the end of the street and throw his body away.

Now, look towards the left side; you’ll see a civilian on a balcony. Have either Hector or Copper head over to the balcony but before you kill the civilian, make sure that the enemy leaning on the pole to the south is not looking at you.

After killing this civilian, proceed back down and then, make your way to the yellow building, with an enemy on top, right across from this balcony.

Have Kate go up to this building and lure the civilian to the far end of the balcony. However, taking any further action, make sure to distract the enemy dressed in yellow who is right next to the civilian.

Now, have Kate knock out the civilian and throw his body in the street where you need to have Hector kill him.

After killing him, turn to the guy dressed in yellow. Have Hector kill him while Cooper distracts the enemy leaning on the pole towards the left-hand side.

Next, lure the civilian, walking in the middle of the street, and pick him off as well.

As for the guy leaning on the pole, have any of your three characters kill him.

Now, you only have 3 enemies to worry about; your target, the guy next to him, and the guy preaching.

So, first things first, have Kate distract the preaching guy while Cooper and Hector take out the other 2 opponents, including your main target.

After killing them, eliminate the preaching guys as well and hide the bodies of all three of them.

However, as for the body of your target, make sure that you hide it someplace where you can easily pick it up later.

Anyhow, now that you’ve got the target at your disposal, you need to clear out a route to the docks.

Secure a Route to the Docks
Take a look at the corner to the northeast corner of the market. There, you’ll see numerous foes, including a Long Coat, a 3-man patrol, and several civilians.

Here’s what you need to do to deal with all of them:

Bring up the view cone of the Long Coat and have Kate lure the enemy outside the red building, out of Long Coat’s sight before you kill him.

Next, use either Hector or Kate to lure the enemy dressed in white and kill him such that no one is watching.

After that, eliminate the two civilians, one standing along the wall next to the Poncho and the other leaning on the pole outside the red building, by luring them.

Now, shift your focus to the Long Coat and the 2 Ponchos. Have Hector move behind the Long Coat and Cooper move behind the Poncho at the end of the street.

Wait for the 3-man patrol to get out of sight before you have Hector and Copper make the killings.

Now, move on the Poncho below the Long Coat, kill him, and hide his body.

After doing that, it’s time to take down the 3-man patrol. Have Cooper shot the two of them from Long Coat’s position and have Hector kill the remaining one in the street.

Hide their bodies, and proceed north.

Head inside the red building through the large entrance. Inside, you’ll encounter 3 enemies, one of whom will be patrolling.

First, kill the enemy leaning on the corner as soon as the patrolling foe heads south and toss his body over the carriages to the right.

Next, lure the patrolling enemy to the northern corner and dispatch him as well.

The third enemy at his place is on the left side of the street, and a civilian is looking in his direction.

Have Cooper toss a coin inside the courtyard to distract him and then kill the enemy.

Now, kill the civilian you just distracted as well as the 2 Ponchos on both sides of the street and hide the bodies.

Take your Target’s body to the Docks
Once the route to the north is secured, bring the body of your main target and head to the docks towards the north.

The entrance of the docks is guarded by a Poncho. Moreover, there’ll be a lot of enemies inside, including a 3-man patrol.

Fret not, however, since the area will be full of darkness, the vision of all these enemies will be greatly reduced.

So, all you have to do is use Kate’s dress that you obtained before and have her drag the body along with Hector, past the Poncho at the entrance as well as all the other enemies, to the first pier.

Your target boat will be the one on the right. However, there’ll be a Long Coat on the way.

What you need to do is wait for everyone in the vicinity to look away and then have Hector throw your target’s body on the Long Coat, knocking him out in the process.

After he gets unconscious, approach him and kill him before you toss your target’s body on the boat.

Once you’ve done that, this mission will reach completion.

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