Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: Bear Trap Triplets Guide

In this Desperados 3 Baron Challenge Bear Trap Triplets guide we will discuss this mission step by step, including tips and tricks which will help you out complete this Baron Challenge. We will take a look at where to place the Bear Traps and how to move the characters so that the Bear Trap Triplets Baron Challenge is completed efficiently in Desperados 3.

Desperados 3 Baron Challenge Bear Trap Triplets

We will be on the western side of the map with Cooper and Hector. You have to pick up a total of three bear traps.

Hector will use these traps. You will have to take out three men in the northeastern corner of the map. These men will be in blue clothes.

The difficult part is getting to them and killing them. The rest is a walk in the park.

You have to use traps to kill them as there are no other means. So, it is going to take some time.

You will see the traps on your map marked by three red crosses. You can ask Isabelle and McCoy for help after getting to them.

The first trap is in the northeast. Be careful and look out for enemies as the western side is filled with them.

You will see an enemy sprinting from south to north and north to south. Wait for him to go south and then move forward.

The Eastern River
There is a river in the east.

Move Cooper towards it. Stay behind the guard. Try to keep noise to a minimum if you get too close.

You can hide in the bushes if the guard is alerted. Move Hector north when the guard in the red pants is observing the pile of boxes.

You need to hide behind the same pile of boxes. To get there stay on the western side as much as possible.

From there run to the second pile of boxes and then inside the bush above on the slope. Prepare your trap when the enemy goes north and get Cooper ready to throw a coin.

You need to place the trap in the path of the enemy. The coin is a distraction for the other guard. The other enemy will die from the trap.

Then take this trap on the slope and lure the enemy near the pile of boxes towards it by whistling. From here you will see a wooden plank acting as a bridge in the north.

Lure in the enemy by whistling after placing the trap on the plank.

Southern Vines
Head south from here and place a trap next to the vines. There is an enemy sitting down; lure him in.

But before you do wait for the enemy on the left to move away. When he does, sneak into the first bush.

Then toss a coin towards the north and make the enemy look there. Then Hector can place the trap.

Now lure him in with a whistle and he is done. Now place a trap in front of the steps and get Hector as close to him as possible.

Lure him to the trap, keeping in mind the enemy on the northeast after you have cleared this area, head south.

An enemy is looking in your direction. When he looks away down jump and crouch away.

The Southern Bushes
The enemy will go right if you toss a coin there or you can wait for him to go himself. Now you can carefully run towards the bush crossing him.

Now use Hector to place a trap near the southern bushes and lure the enemy in by whistling.

The Running Enemy
Now head north as the area is now clear. You can start taking out enemies here. Place the trap in the path of the enemy that is running.

There are two more in the southeast. Take out the one walking neat the tent first before approaching the other two.

The enemies pointing their guns at Isabella can be taken out by placing your trap between the two bushes.

Lure them by whistling and kill them. Now take out the other enemy in the north on the bridge.

Saving Isabelle
Hector cannot swim to go to the other side so you have to take out the enemy on the other side. Use Cooper here and swim to the other side and up the slope.

Then toss a coin to distract them so Hector can crouch out of there.

When you distract him with a coin, go to Isabelle and take her to Cooper and then take out the enemy here.

Get ready to distract him with a coin or use Stella. When he is distracted use Hector to place the trap. Then use Stella to keep the enemy distracted and move Hector out of the way. But whistle before you do.

This will lure the enemy and kill him with the trap.

Finding McCoy
Now head down the slope towards the southwest. There are a lot of enemies here so be careful, use the same technique as above and take them out one by one.

There is one near the campfire sitting. There are three more over the shack. Use the tall grass in the west to your advantage to take out the bonfire guy.

You will find McCoy on the small Island in the south. You can now use him as well.

The Eastern House
Take Hector to the tall grass in the east of the house. Use Cooper to distract the enemies and then move Hector. Now it’s Isabelle’s turn.

Now connect McCoy and the Poncho enemy. They are on a small island.

Place the trap near the bottom left of the tall grass after they have been connected and then whistle. Beware of the Poncho in the north.

Now take Isabelle towards the tall grass in the south and connect with the enemy near the bridge and in the house.

Use Hector to place the trap outside and take them out and then hide the bodies. Now it’s the turn of the two enemies outside the house.

Place trap near the guy that is sleeping to take him out, then take out the rest.

Three Patrol Enemies
Now we have to take out the patrol with three enemies. Use the bushes on the west and connect with two of them.

Place two traps on the right of the wagon on the west. Adjust the placement of the traps until you take them out.

Now head northeast and ignore the Long Coat. Cross the bridge using Stella and use Cooper to distract the enemy that has red pants using a coin.

There is another enemy in the north. Take them out one by one.

The Helpful Rock
After that take out the enemy on patrol by placing a trap behind the rock. Now it’s the turn of the enemy moving to and from the northeast.

Use the rock again and place the trap. Lure him with a whistle and take him out while keeping in mind the patrol enemies.

Now there are two remaining enemies here. Connect with them. Take them out by first luring the running one.

Then move forward. Now you have four more enemies. One next to the tall grass, one in the tower, one is patrolling and the last is in the north.

The Tower
Use Isabelle and Cooper here. Isabelle will connect to the enemy near the tall grass on the right. Use Cooper to toss a coin to distract the one on the left.

Using this distraction, move Hector. Let Hector hide in the bushes below the tower. Then again distract the enemy to get Hector into the tall grass.

After Hector gets there, take Cooper and Isabelle out of the way. Use Hector to put a trap to the north of the tall grass.

Take out both enemies here while keeping in mind the patrolling enemies. Now it would be very easy to kill the rest. Now when you go west, you will come across the final trap.

The Bonfire
There are three enemies on the east of this trap. Place the traps to take them out the Mission will be completed, almost.

When they close the bonfire, head north, and when the enemies start moving away use traps to take them out.

There is ample time for this to be done. In this way, you will take them out at the same time.

The Baron Challenge is completed.

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