Desperados 3 A Cart Full of Gunpowder Walkthrough

The first mission of the third chapter of Desperados 3, A Cart Full of Gunpowder, sets your main goal to get a cart from point A to point B and blow it up.

To help you complete all the objectives of this mission and complete ‘A Cart Full of Gunpowder’ in Desperados 3, we’ve prepared this guide to walk you through the entirety of the mission.

Desperados 3 A Cart Full of Gunpowder

The mission starts off with a cutscene, showing how ruthless and evil Frank is, as he calmly walks around John Cooper’s father’s dead body.

Frank orders the Long Coat to throw John Cooper and his father’s corpse down the canyon. However, Long Coat has other plans.

The Long Coat turns out to be Hector and he shakes Cooper’s hand, which starts off Chapter 3 ‘The Trapper and The Kid’.

Devitt Goldmine
After the title card, you’ll find yourself in the Devitt Goldmine and your plan is to blow up the cart full of gunpowder and free Kate and Cooper from the cages. Your team will consist of Hector, McCoy and Isabelle.

Recover Your Gear
Your first objective is to recover your gear. Make your way towards the gear and instead of just going through the door, walk up the pathway attached to the hill by it.

Once you’re up there, you’ll see two ponchos, two thugs and two gunmen by your gear.

Jump down into the area and try to sneakily take out the gunman nearest to you. Tie him up and throw him in the bushes. Hide behind the little tent and wait for the thug to come to the same place and do the same with him.

Use Hector’s whistle to distract the enemies near the entrance and then sneak up from the back to take out the poncho there. After that, take out the guard at the entrance who’s looking towards Hector.

You’ll now be able to get your whole team up there. Use Hector and McCoy to take out the two enemies by your gear at the same time and you’ll be free to recover your gear.

Get the Mine Cart
After grabbing the gear, stash the dead bodies away and then set up a trap at the entrance. Use Hector’s whistle (while behind cover) to bait the enemy on the watchtower into the trap.

Hide his body and then do this a few more time to eliminate the remaining enemies.

Go back down to the goldmine and use this strat once more and then melee kill the rest of the enemies down there.

Go to the door to the next area and stealth-kill the poncho behind it. In this area, take out the two guys cooking food first and hide their bodies.

After that, wait for an enemy to come right in front of you so you can use Hector’s whistle to bait him and kill him.

There will a poncho ahead who’ll be looking in a different direction so you can take him out easily.

Throw McCoy’s bag to attract one of the enemies to the left and take him out. Right after that, take out the other one to the left and the one guarding the cart using Isabelle’s Connect ability.

An enemy will walk down to this area, look around, and then go back up. Wait for him to leave and then take out the two enemies by the water.

When that man returns, use Hector’s whistle to bring him near you and then take him out. You are now free to get the Mine Cart.

Push the Mine Cart and Free the Others

One thing you need to keep in mind always is that if the cart gets hit by a bullet, it will blow up.

The first thing you need to do is take out the guy on the watchtower to the left. Push the cart forward a bit on the left track.

Shoot the gunman and Long Coat with Isabelle’s arrows and then have her get on the other side of the water.

Wait for the Long Coat to drink from the river. When he does, take out the poncho up on the platform to the left.

Hide in the bush and wait for the gunman (who’s Connected) to get near you for you to take him (and the Long Coat) out.

You can now easily take out the 2 enemies in the middle of the area using your Connect ability.

Push the cart forward until the end of the track where you have to turn right. Bait in an enemy using McCoy’s bag and then use the whistle-trap strat to take him out.

Take out the poncho on the bridge to the far right and then kill the guy that comes to investigate. Then, Connect the guy in the middle with the guy on the left and kill them both.

Now, go back up to where you killed the poncho on the bridge, get up on the hill and sit by the boulder.

Wait for the two enemies to cross the bridge and walk by and then drop the boulder on them.

There will be a few more enemies on the left that you need to take out. Distract them using McCoy’s bag and then swim underwater and sneak up behind them to get the kill.

Continue pushing the mine and stop once you cross the bridge. Use your whistle to eliminate the enemy closest to you.

Connect the two enemies standing at the spot where the track splits into two and then shoot the guy standing at the red bell icon right as you kill the two Connected enemies.

Shoot the guy standing at the gate to the next area and then push the cart forward to the gate.

Kill the two guys that come to investigate and then drop the rocks sitting on the crane’s platform on the two enemies below.

Kill the two enemies by the carts on the left using Connect and kill the thug who’s arguing with someone on the platform.

Connect the two enemies by the cages where Kate and Cooper are trapped and shoot the gunman above as soon as you kill them.

You can now free Kate and Cooper from the cage.

Blow Up the Main Gate
Use Kate’s perfume vial to blind the three enemies below the dynamite and quickly move Isabelle up to the area where the dynamite is.

Go into the cave to your right and come out from the top left.

Connect two of the three enemies up there and as you’re about to kill them, use Hector to kill the third one. Push the cart down to kill the enemy below.

Move Isabelle back into the cave and have her come out to the right of the bridge below so she can take out the lone enemy there.

Connect the two enemies by the dynamite and when one of them goes up to the floor above, take him out sneakily.

You can now pick up the dynamite and start throwing it at all the enemies. Remember to first get your teammates out of the way though.

When the coast is clear, bring the cart up to the main gate and shoot it to blow it up and complete mission of the game