Desperados 3 A Captain of Industry Walkthrough

In Desperados 3 A Captain of Industry mission, your goal is to infiltrate Devitt’s party and extract him from there. He needs to be brought out alive and you’re not allowed to harm any of the guests.

To help you capture Devitt and complete this mission with ease, we’ve prepared this guide to thoroughly walk you through each of the objectives of A Captain of Industry mission.

Desperados 3 A Captain of Industry

Join the Party
The first thing you need to do is walk up to the little booth by the gate and show your invitation to the man. This will open up the gate and let you in the premises.

Head into the area to your left as it has way more blind spots than the one on the right. Go up the watchtower at the back, take out two enemies there and then go back down to take out Maze Trapped Simon.

Stash his body by the watchtower and then walk up to the balcony of the house. Use Kate to throw a perfume vial and blind the guy that’s looking towards the vine, and then have Cooper go up the vines and walk past him.

While Cooper’s up there, throw another vial at the guy sitting on the bench. This will allow you to take out the guy by the door on the balcony without anything noticing. Wait for another guy to walk through the door and kill him too.

Blind the guy on the bench again and then kill the guy who’s facing towards the vines and then finally, blind him once again to take out the last guy on the balcony.

You can then jump off the balcony and kill the guy on the bench. Flirt with the man on the bench by the rock and have him follow Kate so you can kill him from the back using Cooper.

Take out the remaining few enemies and then kill the guy working on the fireworks. Remember to stash all their bodies. You can then interact with the fireworks to set them off and distract the guests.

Now’s the time to switch to Hector and Isabelle for the next part of Captain of Industry. Go up the vine and hide in the bush. Wait for the gunwoman to walk off so you can kill the Long Coat.

You can then kill the gunwoman and then go up the vines to kill the other one as she walks by.

Connect and kill the two enemies up ahead and move forward. Whistle the gunman over, kill him and then take out the Long Coat when he’s not looking.

You can now enter the cave entrance and come out the other side of the map.

Take out the enemies here and then go up to the statue. Use Isabelle’s cat to distract the guy down below and then kill the guy that’s by the fence looking down at him.

Now, Connect the two guys by the stairway ahead. Drop the statue on the man by it and kill the connected guys right after.

Clear the area below and get rid of the enemies. Your goal is to now start up the two generators. What makes this difficult is that you have to start both of them at the same time.

There will be two Long Coats and a few ponchos guarding the generators. Start off by baiting a poncho using your whistle and killing him with a trap when no one’s looking.

You have to then switch back to Kate and Cooper. Make your way to the balcony ahead of the generators and kill the enemies there.

You can then work your way towards the generators, killing the enemies in your way.

Once the coast is clear, start up the generators.

Capture Devitt
Get your whole squad up on the upper level and clear out the enemies there first. Once they’re taken care of, move down to the lower area and pick out the enemies here.

Remember to make use of Kate’s Flirt ability, Hector’s Whistle and Isabelle’s Cat for distractions.

After you take out all the enemies here, knock out Devitt and tie him up.

Leave Hacienda
Since you now have what you came from, you have to jump back into the wagon and make your exit.

Use Isabelle’s Connect ability to take out the two guards at the gate of this area and then walk into the backyard.

Knock out the civilian in the horse stable and then place a trap there. Whistle at the guard to bait him into the trap.

Knock out the other civilian outside the horse stable and then Connect the two enemies to the left of him.

When the other enemies move/look away, eliminate the connected enemies and then kill the guy that moved right after.

There will be only two enemies left, who won’t be looking towards each other, so you can easily kill them.

You can now hop in the wagon and leave Hacienda and complete A Captain of Industry in Desperados 3.