“Der Riese Strategy Guide” Keyword Targeted By Hackers

It’s been exciting since release of Call of Duty World at War 3rd map pack, you never get tired killing zombies and when you are facing difficult opponent.

It’s been exciting since the release of Call of Duty World at War 3rd map pack, you never get tired killing zombies and when you are facing a difficult opponent you would always want to know more about it and that’s natural. Every time a zombie map has been released people have been seen going wild searching for glitches, strategy guides and other tips & tricks so it would be natural that they might follow the same pattern this time around.

That information might have excited some rogue antivirus company as it seems the keywords “Der Riese Strategy Guide”, “Der Riese Glitches”, and “Der Riese Tips % Tricks” are being targeted by them.

I wouldn’t have known about the Map Pack even because I have been a bit busy if I hadn’t received the email reporting the release of the map pack by Treyarch. After reading the email, I just wanted to know few things about the map before digging it so I just searched about it a bit using the above mentioned keywords, what I found was rather a shock for me.

When I search google using these keywords, Der Riese, Der Riese Strategy Guide, Der Riese Glitches, Der Riese Tips & Tricks, I found at least 3 search result on first 4 pages of google linked to some rogue antivirus company.

When you enter the specific site to get what you initially intended “The Information about Der Riese” you get redirected to some online computer scan website, which gives you fake warnings about your system being full of threats and immediately starts scanning your system, if you press OK that is, but thing you don’t get a time to think whats going on seriously!

The most noticeable thing here is that it’s more of  a flash animation then scanning. Here are the screenshots I took to support my viewpoint.

This is the specific link I first tried, and got the fake warning I was talking about. It made me curious so I thought of digging deep.

This is the warning I was talking about, as soon as you click the link, it gets redirected to another site and then gives you this warning.

Take a closer look at the legit post and the fake one, they are both share some similarity as well and both have something to do with php. Well I wonder how they got ranked so high in Google if it was spam to start with.

That’s the scanning, I was talking about as soon as you click “ok button”, following animation gets initiated. I am so sure this is some sort of fake animation, you know why ? because my hard drive is partitioned into 4 parts/drives and everyone with a specific name of their own but don’t get this fake bitch confuse you because it may show your real IP address and location on the left side of your monitor screen.

I was so into it that I went head on with this thing but then comes my antivirus which blocked it from creating any fuss. Anyway it’s seems like a trojen horse so I would suggest you being careful while searching for a strategy guide of Call of Duty World at War Map Pack 3 “Zombie Map Der Riese”.

Here are those specific websites targeting this keyword to fool gamers with their fake antivirus and other shit…

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