Denuvo Was Behind Resident Evil: Village’s PC Stuttering Issues

Resident Evil: Village has had a bad case of frame-stuttering on PC since release. The issue has now been resolved but by crackers instead of developer Capcom.

According to a report by DSoG on the weekend, the pirated version of Resident Evil: Village has received a new patch which completely eliminates all stuttering issues for smooth (and interrupted) gameplay.

The accompanying patch notes furthermore state that the root cause behind the stuttering issues on PC was none other than the Denuvo anti-tamper digital rights management scheme. The updated pirated version of Resident Evil: Village simply stops Denuvo from doing any harm, which in a way holds a lot of irony.

“All in-game shutters like the one from when you kill a zombie are fixed because Capcom DRM’s entry points are patched out so most of their functions are never executed anymore,” reads the patch notes. “This results in much smoother game experience.”

Capcom has been maintaining radio silence on the matter for months now. Denuvo being the problem itself could be the reason why Capcom has refrained from making any statements. The player-base has already been requesting a fix for the past couple of months. Thanks to crackers, players (at least the legitimate ones) now know that the stuttering issues were not because of their hardware.

Incorporating Denuvo in games has always been controversial. While publishers continue to look the other way, much of the player-base has put forth arguments for how the anti-tamper software impacts in-game performance.

Resident Evil: Village is not alone though. Capcom has released many of its games with Denuvo in the past including Resident Evil 7, the Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 remakes, Devil May Cry 5, and Monster Hunter: World.

Capcom generally removes Denuvo itself once the anti-piracy scheme has run its course. This can take a few months after release. Resident Evil: Village hence will see Denuvo removed from its Steam version as well somewhere down the road.

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