Rage 2 Players Facing Performance Issues Thanks To Denuvo DRM

Rage 2 uses Denuvo anti-temper DRM to keep it from being pirated. However, DRM is the very thing that is causing problems for legitimate players.

According to reports, Rage 2 is facing performance issues due to Denuvo DRM. Not only that, PC players are experiencing random crashes, long loading times, FPS drops, and stuttering.

What is more interesting is that the Rage 2’s EULA doesn’t even mention that it used Denuvo DRM, according to DSOG.

This is another addition to Bethesda’s blunders that started with last year’s Fallout 76 and continued with Elder Scrolls Blades. Now Rage 2 might potentially become a controversial game but not if the studio fixes the performance issues with the game.

If you are facing performance issues or other errors with the game then check out Rage 2 errors and fixes to fix stuttering and other errors.

While Rage 2 is a single-player game but, that doesn’t the developers are done with it. The devs have detailed the Rage 2 roadmap revealing upcoming expansion, cheats and more.

We’ll have some post-launch updates that will add experiences so you keep playing. You can finish the main story – if you want to finish it fast, which I encourage people not to do – and you can go back and do other projects. We’ll have some free content and we’ll have some paid content.

Starting from May, Rage 2 will see new content drops till December 2019. In June the game will get new community challenges, Cheats, a pilotable Mech, and a new enemy. Also, this update is free.

This roadmap indicates that Bethesda intends to keep its players engaged with frequent content drops, kind of like a live-service game.

Rage 2 isn’t the only game to launch this year developed by id Software. Doom Eternal is also scheduled to launch later this year.

We haven’t seen or heard much about Doom Eternal but Bethesda has confirmed that the game will be playable at Quakecon 2019.

Rage 2 is a first-person open-world game developed by id Software and Avalanche Studios for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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