Denuvo Fails, Mafia: Definitive Edition & More Already Cracked

Denuvo once again fails to protect numerous recent releases, some of which were apparently cracked in less than a month following release.

Mafia: Definitive Edition and eFootball PES 2021, both of which were released on PC last month, are already being pirated on the internet as of earlier today. A Total War Saga: Troy, which was released in August, and even Death Stranding from July have also been cracked.

All four games are still using the anti-tamper technology of Denuvo on PC but which holds no value as they can already be downloaded for free from torrenting websites and platforms.

Denuvo gets touted as a foolproof digital rights management scheme by publishers to ensure that new games are not cracked at release. The anti-piracy safeguard has however done little to keep that claim intact. Even the most updated and latest versions of Denuvo get cracked within a month or two where the former has become quite common. While question marks continue to be raised on the efficiency of the digital rights scheme, publisher still continue to lay trust in the Austrian-based piracy solution.

Denuvo also receives much criticism from the player-base. It has nothing to do with taking a stance against piracy. Several reports and arguments claim that Denuvo acts like bloatware to increase processor-usage, chug resources, and cause overall instability. The bottom line being that games running the anti-tamper software in the background are believed to be impacted by downgraded performance. There are constant server checks involved and which can take a toll on mid-tier desktop systems.

However, despite players bypassing games that mention Denuvo due to the said performance impact, publishers are still not shying away from the software. The reason being that all publishers are asking for is a month of no piracy and where Denuvo has sort of done its job.

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