Latest Version Of Denuvo DRM Completely Cracked, Mass Effect Andromeda Update Now Available For Pirated Versions

Denuvo has not been having a good time as back in April the latest version of Denuvo-DRM was partially cracked as the 32-bit version of this anti-temper tech was cracked and the 64-bit version remained uncrackable. However, the latest version Denuvo has been completed cracked for Mass Effect Andromeda.

Since the initially crack of Mass Effect Andromeda, Bioware implemented the latest version of Denuvo DRM and sadly it was not enough to save it from privacy. Which resulted in the latest update for the game being available for the pirated game. NieR Automata, Dead Rising 4 and Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 use the latest version of Denuvo.

However, the question arises that if the game developers or publishers will keep using Denuvo to protect their games from being pirated as apparently, the DRM is not as effective as it initially was.

Another high profile game which used this anti-tamper tech and was cracked was Resident Evil 7 which got cracked within the first 5 days of its launch.

While the general perception about Denuvo DRM is that it is uncrackable, at least it was when it was newly released, but according to the company itself, the DRM is hard to crack not uncrackable.

As always, we continue working to improve our solution to create security updates for upcoming Anti-Tamper versions. We will do the same with the learning from this bypass. It’s correct that the title in question was cracked some days after release. Given the fact that every unprotected title is cracked on the day of release – as well as every update of games – our solution made a difference for this title.

Do you think devs and publishers will continue this DRM for their games? Let us know in the comments.

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