(Update) Battlefield 5 Could Be Cracked Day One As Possible Denuvo Version Takes a Hit

Update: It seems the game is cracked already as some torrent sites are offering downloads. We do not know how legit these downloads are but we will get back to you on that. Stay-tuned!

Original Story: Denuvo version 5.2 has been cracked which means another dent in the company’s claims of being the best anti-temper. The war between pirates and DRM company Denuvo isn’t going too well for the later.

The cracked version of Denuvo version 5.2 means we can expect to see cracked versions of games like Mega Man 11 and Football Manager 19 soon. Interestingly, Hitman 2 and Battlefield 5 may release with Denuvo version 5.2 as well considering how close to release these titles are. This means that Battlefield 5 and Hitman 2 could be cracked within 24 hours.

Pirates who cracked Denuvo 5.2 are using the moniker FCKDRM’. What’s fascinating is that Denuvo version 4.9 is yet to be cracked. Games like FIFA 19, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Monster Hunter World aren’t available to download via torrent.

The cat and mouse fight between Denuvo and pirates have proved how companies are failing to protect their products. But this doesn’t mean they will stop trying to fend-off piracy.  Denuvo is now taking legal action against hackers.

The company filed a complaint with the Bulgarian police who managed to identify one of the hackers, Voksi, the founder of “Revolt.” The authorities took his personal belongings including his computers. Once caught, Voksi vowed to drop his hacking activities.

Reddit and other piracy focused platforms are raising money to defend Voksi in the court of law. However, their efforts may not prove to be fruitful as he had confessed to his activities.

Denuvo released the following statement in regards to the case.

A 21-year-old Bulgarian man. Aka Voksi, from Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria. Allegedly responsible for the hacking of a number of games carrying Denuvo’s Anti-Tamper software. Has been arrested following a collaboration between Irdeto and the Bulgarian Cybercrime Unit. Following an initial investigation by Irdeto into the hacking of Denuvo Anti-Tamper software. The findings were passed to the Bulgarian Cybercrime Unit. And resulted in the raid on premises in Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria on Tuesday. During the raid, computers and other items suspected to have been used in the piracy of a range of titles were seized by police

Denuvo admitted defeat by saying every game can be cracked. However, the company’s goal now is to protect sales for as long as possible. The most important time of any game’s release is its launch week and that’s where Denuvo DRM comes in.

But since Battlefield 5 and Hitman 2 might be using 5.2, which is already cracked, pirated versions of these games may be available release. Battlefield 5 already had a rocky start thanks to Black Ops 4 and community backlash over its toxic political agenda.

Battlefield 5 is releasing later this month so we will see if the game uses version 5.2 of Denuvo DRM. If it does, it would be cracked as soon as it comes out. Possibly before release even if its files leak online. Of course, players won’t be able to play the game online. Meanwhile, Hitman 2 is a story driven game which means players will have access to the entire game.

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