How to Open the Secret Door in Demon’s Souls Remake

In this guide we will tell you How to Open the Secret Door in Demon’s Souls Remake that included in the PS5 version of the game and what you will find behind it. This secret door was not present in the original PS3 version of Demon’s Souls.

How to Open the Secret Door in Demon’s Souls Remake

Players discovered a hidden door behind an illusory wall in Bolteraria World 1-3 but there was no key insight to open the door.

This started a contest to see who can open the door first and discover the secrets that lie beyond.

We will walk you through the steps required to open said door and then discuss the secret behind the mystery door as well.

How to Open the Door
Opening the door is not a difficult task. Just follow the steps mentioned below and you should be good.

Start the game in Fractured Mode. This mode makes the game world horizontal. You can enable this mode by offering 25,000 souls to the main statue in the Nexus.

Once you are in the Fractured Mode, you have to farm Ceramic Coins.

Each game world in Demon’s Souls Remake has 2 Ceramic Coins and these Coins can be of two tendencies (Pure Black World / Pure White World).

You have to farm 30 Ceramic Coins. Now go to Sparkly the Crow and trade all of the coins with him to get the key.

Once you log back into the game, you will be able to pick up the Rusted Key from him.

Now take the key to the door near 1-3 Archstone. You will see a dead-end alley-way there. Simply attack that area to disrupt the illusion and the door will appear in front of you.

What Lies Beyond
Open the door to reach a Veranda with a corpse in the middle. This corpse has a full penetrator armor set and a sword that you can equip.

Fans have been complaining since the original game that this armor set was missing so this is a neat way to include it.

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