Demon’s Souls Remake Will Not Fix The Broken Sixth Archstone

Demon's Souls remake will release without a certain piece of content which was either removed from the original game or was never released.

The much-anticipated Demon’s Souls remake will apparently land on PlayStation 5 without a certain piece of content which was either removed from the original game or was never released.

According to well-known community modder Lance McDonald (via Reddit) earlier today, the sixth Archstone will not be part of the upcoming remake. The overall content of Demon’s Souls remains mostly the same and which means that there will be no new realms to explore on PlayStation 5.

Demon’s Souls features five Archstones where each gives access to a different area. Defeating the final boss of the first Archstone, for example, makes available a second Archstone for players to progress. The original game however had a sixth Archstone which was always broken for unknown reasons. It was assumed at the time that the developer either had plans to fix the sixth Archstone with a post-release update or had removed the content after running out of time.

The sixth Archstone, the Archstone of the Giant, was said to be the gateway to a new realm called The Northern Limit. The lore states this to be a “snowy fortress gifted to the giants of the far north” and “home to large amounts of strange mixes of man and beast.” There was a lot of hope riding on developer Bluepoint Games to debut the Archstone of the Giant in the Demon’s Souls remake on PlayStation 5. That now appears to not be happening.

That being said, Bluepoint Games could possibly be sitting on the sixth Archstone as a surprise post-release expansion. While neither the developer nor Sony Interactive Entertainment has confirmed any post-release plans, nothing would make fans more happy than finally being able to walk the rumored realm of the giants in Demon’s Souls.

The Demon’s Souls remake will be releasing alongside the launch of PlayStation 5 on November 12, 2020. The game is rumored to have already gone gold. Though an announcement remains to be seen.

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