Demon’s Souls Remake Leechmonger Archstone Walkthrough

Welcome to THAT level of every Soulsborne game that only exists to annoy you throughout your play-time. The Leechmonger Archstone area is a complicated one and in this Demon’s Souls Remake Leechmonger Archstone walkthrough will help you with exploring every corner of the stage.

Demon’s Souls Remake Leechmonger Archstone

Starting from the Archstone, use the planks to your right to find a Depraved One.

Drop off to the left from where the plank ends and you can find a treasure to your left with ‘x3 Royal Lotus’. Drop down again to the next platform and fight off the two Depraved Ones.

Turn right and take the next platform to progress further. Behold the swamp level with small pieces of land scattered across.

Immediate blight town flashbacks. If you stand too long in the swamp, you will end up poisoned. It would be a good idea to put on everything that gives you poison resistance.

Move across the isles in the swamp to reach different items, and fight off the different enemies.

After dropping down the platform, head right to the end and then turn left. Take care of the poison jellies and then pass through the gap between the two platforms.

A treasure will fall down at a distance, which contains x1 Regenerator’s Ring. Follow the wall to your right to then find x1 Storied Hero’s Soul and more Poison Jellies.

Try to kill the Jellies as soon as you can, before they pile up and make it harder for you to retaliate.

Continue to hug the right wall and you will find x1 Storied Hero’s Soul. Keep heading forward and you will find a body that contains x1 Legendary Soldier’s Soul.

To the left, you will find an island with more Poison Jellies and x1 Unknown Hero’s Soul.

You can also find x1 Dark Moon Grass, x11 Crescent Moon Grass and x1 Broken Sword as you delve deeper into the swamp.

You will find another island with x1 Shard of Suckerstone along with another isle next to it that contains x1 War Scythe and x1 Cat’s Ring on yet another isle to the right of the War Scythe isle.

Continue forward and you will find x1 Pure Suckerstone from a body resting against a wall. Turn to the right to find x6 Black Turpentine on a small island and a body with x1 Storied Hero’s Soul.

Lure the Metal Cleaver Black Phantom out of the water before you fight it; otherwise, you will not be able to dodge any of its attacks while in the water.

Upon death, it will drop x3 Chunks of Faintstone and x2 Stone of Ephemeral Eyes.

From where you found the Black Phantom, you can find eight Poison Jellies and a big isle to the left with four Depraved Ones roaming about, headed by a Giant Depraved One. Loot this isle to find x3 Royal Lotus and x1 Unknown Hero’s Soul.

Use the make-shift plank bridge at the end of the isle to find a fog door. Continue through it to find two Giant Mosquitoes and a Depraved One at the very end.

Drop to the right and continue forward to find Selen Vinland. Speak to her and she will ask you about her younger brother Garl Vinland, under the condition that you are in Pure White World Tendency.

If you happen to be in Pure Black World Tendency, Selen will find you hostile and attack you. Upon death, Selen will drop x1 Blind. You can also find a body with x1 Thief’s Ring on her island.

You can find another small island near Selen’s island which contains x1 Dark Moon Grass.

Progress further to find three Giant Mosquitoes along with three Depraved Ones right after. To your left, there’s a hole where you’ll find the mentioned Depraved Ones.

Two extra Depraveds can be found at the end of the plank. Once you’re done dealing with the mobs, drop down onto the next platform and turn left to loot x2 Black Turpentine.

Continue to drop down until you finally hit the ground, and on the left you will come across four Giant Mosquitoes. Move along the plank to find an island with four Phosphorescent Slugs.

After killing the Slugs, you will find 5 more, and they will continue to drop. You can find a body behind them which contains x1 Chunk of Suckerstone.

Return to the previous island, take a left and continue forward until you find two Giant Depraved Ones and a Depraved One Shaman.

Continue moving forward and go through the fog door on your right.

You will find the Filthy Woman to your left and x3 Late Moon Grass behind her.

Proceed into the next building, and to your right you will find two Depraved Ones. Kill them and loot the body lying around for x1 Storied Hero’s Soul.

Go up using the plank and fight off two Depraved Ones again. Turn back and make your way to the body hanging over the edge to obtain x3 Widow’s Lotus.

Turn back once again, and continue on the main path, slashing your way through the Depraved Ones.

After hitting the end, turn right and go past the planks’ platform only to be attacked by 2 Giant Mosquitoes.

Loot the body you find at the end to obtain x1 Unknown Soldier’s Soul, and two more Giant Mosquitoes.

Continue further ahead to find a Depraved One and a Giant Mosquito. Climb the platform up and you will find 2 Depraved Ones and a Crystal Lizard.

You can also find a body with x1 Legendary Soldier’s Soul.

Use the vertical wooden plank to create a shortcut to the beginning of the area. Drop down to the left from here to find x1 Mirdan Hammer and a Depraved One Shaman. Kill the Shaman to acquire x1 Shaman’s Clothes, x1 Shaman’s Tabi Socks and x1 Shaman’s Armband.

Go to the entrance of the fog door and you can find a treasure in the distance nearby. Defeat the four Giant Mosquitoes and loot the x1 Storied Soldier’s Soul on the island.

Turn left from here and go up to find a Phosphorescent Slug and a few more as you go further down the path.

Loot the treasure when you reach their nest to find the x1 Legendary Hero’s Soul.

Drop lower to the right to the two platforms and loot the x1 Unknown Hero’s Soul. Descend further down and loot the x1 Large Sword of Moonlight and prepare to fight the horde of Slugs.

Head back to the second fog door, and now go through the building until you get to the final floor.

Kill the Depraved Ones on your right, and loot the x1 Storied Hero’s Soul and x1 Unknown Hero’s Soul on your left.

You can also find a Depraved One right behind the x1 Shotel (Lootable Corpse), along with two more that drop from above.

Turn back from this point and proceed forward until you reach a path branching to the left. Go down the path to find the fog gate for the Dirty Colossus.

This marks the end of the Leechmonger Archstone area of the Demon’s Souls Remake.

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