Demon’s Souls Remake Penetrator Archstone Walkthrough

In this Demon’s Souls Remake Penetrator Archstone guide, we’ll walk you through the Penetrator Archstone location in the PS5 Remake from start to finish, giving you the locations of all the hidden treasures along the way.

The Penetrator Archstone is the fourth Archstone in the first world of Demon’s Souls, called the Archstone of the Small King.

Demon’s Souls Remake Penetrator Archstone

Before you enter the Archstone, make sure to get rid of any useless heavy items from your inventory, so you’ll have enough space to grab the special loot from this level.

Start off by heading down the first corridor you see when you arrive at the location. As you’re traveling down this corridor, make sure to have your shield up at all times.

You’ll eventually see something that looks like a stack of rocks. When you get near it, you’ll realize that it’s the dead body of a dragon.

There will be three Boletaria Soldiers on top of the dragon, who’ll attack you using their crossbows when you enter their aggro range.

Carefully move towards them while blocking the incoming arrows. When you get near them, take care of them using your preferred weapon.

After you kill the archers, make sure to grab the 2x Storied Soldier’s Soul from the dead bodies lying behind the dragon.

Now, continue moving down the corridor until you see the three enemies standing shoulder-to-shoulder.

These soldiers are very powerful, so don’t get too careless with them. The best way to deal with them is through the Warding magic effect.

When you get close enough to them, one of them might step forward first, but this isn’t guaranteed to happen. If it does, then this encounter will become a lot easier.

This soldier will be a swordsman who has the ability to deplete your stamina using his attacks.

If he comes to you, try to get as far back from the other two soldiers as you can, so you don’t accidentally aggro them while fighting the swordsman.

After you kill him, make sure to grab the Penetrating Sword from his body.

The other two soldiers will be using a bow and a spear. When fighting these two, stand behind a pillar to dodge the arrows from the archer and fight the spearman using your melee attacks.

The archer will drop a White Bow and the spearman will drop a Tower Shield.

Once you’ve dealt with all three soldiers, move into the passage to the left and grab the Stone of Ephemeral Eyes from the dead body.

Then, go back where you came from and then move into the other passage, which is to the right.

There will be a very weak enemy down this path that drops surprisingly good loot.

If you don’t have the Thief’s Ring on you, then you’ll probably end up scaring him away before you can even kill him.

After you head past that enemy, keep moving forward until you see a gloomy archway to your left. Inside this archway will be a Red Eye Knight walking around.

Grab his attention so he starts coming after you and take him outside to have an easier time fighting him,

After taking care of the knight, go back into the archway. Move towards the staircase. Before you start climbing it, prepare yourself to fight two archer enemies.

You won’t be able to attack them from the base of the stairs, so you’ll have to fight them as you’re climbing up. When you get up to a certain height on the stairs, you’ll aggro a soldier.

When he starts coming after you, take him back down to the ground level to have an easier time fighting him. Once he’s taken care of, climb back up the stairs.

There will also be another Red Eye Knight up there, so do the same thing with him when you grab his attention.

When you finally get rid of all the pesky enemies, climb all the way up the stairs.

Move through the doorway that’s adjacent to the wall of the castle. As you do so, a cutscene will play that’ll show you a dragon landing ahead of you.

The dragon will block off your path by periodically breathing fire on you as you travel on it.

Try to get to the edge and then start damaging the dragon using your ranged or magic weapons.

The dragon will fly away when you get its HP down to 50%. When it does, continue moving along the path and kill the enemy with the axe that’s in your way.

Move towards the archway ahead of you and then go through it to enter a room.

Go up the stairs in this room and then walk down the corridor. This corridor will take you to another staircase.

Move down the stairs to the left and grab the Knight’s Shield and Knight’s Sword from the corpse.

After that, go back and go up the stairs to the right. You’ll encounter the dragon here once again, who’ll again block your path in the same fiery fashion.

You can again damage the dragon using your ranged or magic weapons to make it go away.

If Biorr didn’t die in the fight with the Penetrator, you’ll see him behind a pillar near the dragon and he’ll help you out a bit using his bow.

If he died in the Penetrator battle, come back to this area after you kill the dragon and grab the armor from his dead body.

However, there’s another way to get past him, but this one’s very dangerous. When he starts breathing fire, you can run under him, but remember to stick to the left side as you do so.

After you get past the dragon, move forward towards the big archway.

Stand under it, turn around and look up to the sky. In this position, you’ll be able to see the dragon’s neck and head.

Use your magic or ranged weapons to finally kill the dragon, so you won’t have to deal with him if you choose to come back to this location again.

Killing the dragon will award you with the Large Flame-Scale Demon’s Soul 1 and a big chunk of EXP.

After killing the dragon, go up the stairs until you reach the area with the red carpet in the center.

If you didn’t kill him before, you’ll see Ostrava here; but he’ll commit suicide.

Grab the Mausoleum Key and then continue going up the stairs. You’ll arrive at a long bridge that’ll take you to a doorway.

This doorway will be guarded by none other than Ostrava, but an evil version of him. Before you start fighting him, cast Warding magic. This will protect you from his attacks.

When you grab Ostrava’s attention, lure him to the back end of the bridge.

If you fight him in the center of the bridge, there’s a chance for him to knock you off.

Ostrava will drop the Rune Shield and Rune Sword when you kill him.

After getting rid of him, go up the elevator on the other side of the bridge to fight this area’s optional boss, Old King Doran.

During this fight, you’ll get the Demonbrandt sword. After defeating this optional boss, go back to the bridge and use the elevator once again.

It’ll take you to an arena, where you’ll fight the actual boss of this location, Old King Allant.

Once you’ve killed Old King Allant, get yourself the False King Demon’s Soul by touching the Archstone, and then touch it again to complete the Demon’s Souls Remake Penetrator Archstone level and go back to the Nexus.