Demon’s Souls Remake Maneater Archstone Walkthrough

This Demon's Souls Remake Maneater Archstone walkthrough will take you through the area and help you deal with the Monk...

This Demon’s Souls Remake Maneater Archstone walkthrough will take you through the area and help you deal with the Monk boss that awaits within. Masses of flesh litter these hanging prisons.  With this walkthrough, we hope to guide you by providing details and strategies to navigate the short area and beat the boss.

Demon’s Souls Remake Maneater Archstone

A challenging boss fight with an Old Monk, who is currently Latria’s Master, awaits you in Maneater Archstone in this remake.

The Spiraling Staircase

We start at the Archstone. Now we need to find the stairs, just go straight ahead and the stairs start to your right.

As you keep climbing the stairs, insect-like creatures, Man Centipedes, that are very common to this stage will start appearing. Use your melee weapons or magic to defeat them swiftly.

As you make your way up, you will face cloaked figures, Black Phantom Mind Flayers, that will use magic to target you from afar.

Be cautious, take a step or two back and avoid the projectiles. Kill them with ranged attacks because getting in melee range might result in you losing a chunk of your health points.


Following this fight, there will be more Man Centipedes and Mind Flayers to deal with.

If you’ve been using magic to kill the Flayers, you don’t need to worry about running out of mana as they drop Fresh Spice items on death, allowing you to restore the mana you lose.

Keep ascending until finally, you’ve fought your way to the top. Where there will be an ominous Fog covered door.

Be warned, stepping through the fog starts a boss battle. So, heal up and replenish yourself as much as you can before stepping through.

Old Monk Boss Battle

In online mode, you will fight another player’s character. With the plethora of abilities, moves and builds in the Demon’s Souls, it’s hard to say what you will face as each player is unique in this PVP battle.

Just stay level headed and do not be hasty. Know when to back away and time your dodges accurately to win.

If you’re playing in offline mode, then you get the standard boss for this stage.

The boss doesn’t typically use complex moves, just basic slashes and movement, which you can quickly learn and make counters for.  

The arena will be quite spacious, with chairs clustered at the edges, try to avoid being cornered against them and your mobility won’t be limited much for the fight.

The main attacks the boss uses are punches that you can easily kite or block with your shield.

While blocking, keep an eye on your stamina meter as it reduces with each block. So stay away and hit the boss with your ranged attacks, magic or otherwise.

For a melee approach, you can usually move close and get in a few hits before you have to retreat out of range again in-between the boss’s attack strings/combos.

Be on the lookout for small balls clustering near the Boss’s shoulders; these all join together to form a flaming ball hat launches at you.

So, dodge one before you decide to heal yourself or use an item as your mobility is limited at those times.

This battle becomes one of patience and endurance, so don’t lose your cool and go in for more strikes than are safe, don’t be reckless as the game won’t go easy on you for being carefree at all.

Defeating the Old Monk boss gets you the Yellow Demon’s soul once you touch the Maneater archstone.

Give this soul to Urbian and you will receive the Banish Miracle, which can erase black phantoms from your world.

You can also give the soul to Yuria to learn the Soul Thirst spell which gives you double the EXP for killing enemies.

Alternatively, you may give the soul to Sage Freke to learn the Homing Soul attack spell and finally the last option is to take the soul to the blacksmith Ed, and he will create the wicked Insanity Catalyst for you.

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