Demon’s Souls Remake Fool’s Idol Archstone Walkthrough

In this Demon's Souls Remake Fool's Idol Archstone guide, we will tell you how to complete this mission along with tips to finish the mission.

In this Demon’s Souls Remake Fool’s Idol Archstone walkthrough, we will tell you step by step how to complete this mission along with tips and tricks to finish the Fool’s Idol Archstone more efficiently in Demon’s Souls Remake.

Demon’s Souls Remake Fool’s Idol Archstone

When you start the Demon’s Souls Remake Fool’s Idol Archstone mission, you will notice that this is even more dangerous than the first part of the Tower of Latria.

While walking you will notice a lot of the darkness under you, the gargoyles that invited you here would also be the ones that are attacking you to make you fall into the darkness.

There are multiple types of gargoyles present in Fool’s Idol Archstone, each to give you less space to perform actions.

After you start moving forward from the entrance there will be a downward slope in front of you that has torches lined up on its side.

When you reach the base taking this steep slope, you will come across a wide pedestal that has a flame burning alongside it in the middle of the area.


Multiple paths are starting from this point onward. You need to choose the one that further descends as you move forward.

But before you do that you need to take the one on the left to find a Renowned Hero’s Soul right next to a dead body when you reach the end of this rather long path.

When you have collected the soul, trackback to the area with the flame and continue on the right path.

You will come across another wide pedestal as you move forward on this path and as you get there, he will be accompanied by another gargoyle. this gargoyle is larger but still hard to spot the cause of the environment.

There is darkness all around and the gargoyle takes full advantage of it.

His attacks are quick and can cause a lot of damage if you come in his range.

You will need to make use of your shield and counter with your melee weapon but be careful as you can fall and die.

Using magic is also a good idea as you can hit the gargoyle even when he is in the air. You can also use the torch so that you can see your enemy better and avoid his attacks.

Gargoyles are known to leave Unknown Hero’s Soul items behind after the encounter.

Start moving forward again after taking care of the gargoyle. The path ahead will not descend anymore into Fool’s Idol Archstone.

You will be taken do an archway in a large wall and as you go through it the path will become dangerous again. To be careful you need to watch out if there are any shadows on the ground or around you.

As there are enemies that will attack you from above.

Whenever a gargoyle is about to attack; you will see a wing. This is your clue to get your defenses up.

Just as before you have to use your shield and your melee weapon to block and to get a few hits.

After you hit the gargoyle a few times he will retreat but the process will continue multiple times.

There are some pots on the right of the archway that have are you Renowned Heroes Soul. Break those pots to obtain the soul.

After you have taken out the gargoyle you need to move through the archway, and you will be taken to a railing that has two parts; one on the left and the other on the right. Memorize the spot as you will be coming back here.

Take the path on the right first as it is shorter. There will be a branch in front of you that you need to follow.

You will see some pots there as well; break those pots and you will find two old spice in one of them.

After grabbing the old spice call mom keep following the branch on your right and you will come across a Shard of Moonlightstone right next to a drop-off.

One more gargoyle will attack you when you head down the stairs on your right. This time there is even less room to move but you should defend and attack the same way as you did before but this time, be extra careful.

When that gargoyle is taken care of you need to head down and you will come across a crossroad.

There are some pots right ahead of you that you can break and get some loot that includes a Renowned Hero’s Soul.

If you go right from the crossroads you will find a dead-end, keep in mind the location of this dead-end as you will need to come back here when the stage ends because there will be a lot of loot here.

If you go left from the crossroad you will find another gargoyle. You can use magic to defeat this gargoyle.

The best method to defeat this gargoyle is to just head back into the tunnel and use your magic spells from there because the gargoyle won’t follow you in there.

There are some Moonlightstone Items along the ledge that the gargoyle was guarding.

You will go there after defeating the gargoyle and collect both chunk and Shard moonlight items from here. After that, it is a dead-end, for now, you need to head back to the intersection you came from.

Now instead of going right, go left and you will come across a curved staircase that takes you up to do another intersection of Fool’s Idol Archstone.

After climbing on the staircase, along the high stone wall. You will find a pathway on your left that has darkness ahead.

Your other option will be to go straight.

There will be a dead-end if you go straight ahead for now. If you take this path you will find an excellent shield and sword set.

You would need to come back after claiming this set, and from the staircase, you climbed before, go right.

There is a platform below the ledge of the tower you are walking on. This platform has some items we need so the next step is to cautiously fall off this ledge and on this platform.

You might need to attempt this multiple times as the platform is small.

There is a Rune Shield and sword set on this platform. Collect this set as it will help you out during the game.

Once collected, jump off the platform again to get back to the top and continue again.

This time, go left, and you will be attacked by several gargoyles in this portion of the mission. It would be smart to go slow and steady.

Defeat one gargoyle before taking on the other one. The damage the gargoyles cause is one problem, but the real issue is that you fall off the path because of them.

The path is dark so there is no telling if the path extends further than the visible point or not so it’s best to be careful.

After exploring this part, head back to the stairs and go straight again. this time you will find a fog door in the front. You will need to break the jars in front of you to get 3 old spice.

There will be some stairs on your right.

You need to take those stairs until you get to an elevator. Use that elevator to the other side and you will find a stone of Ephemeral eyes.

Now come back to the elevator and it will take you up to another gargoyle of Fool’s Idol Archstone. Leave the elevator and use the stairs to go the rest of the way up.

You will find some prisoners doing a ritual around the chain. Kill all four of them and a cutscene will start. In that cut scene, you will see how to break the chain.

There is a body close by that has one Renowned Soldiers Soul. You will need to take the stairs in front of you to go down, along the way you will find a body that has two Fresh Spice.

Now you need to go back and take the stairs present on the left side and fall on the bridge below. There is a platform in front of you that has one Shard of Archstone.

If you continue ahead you will find a jail cell and inside it is Yurt, The silent chief.

If you agree to free the chief, he will promise to meet you again and thank you. If you go inside the jail cell, you will slide into a swamp.

Now you will have to go around the building where you will find a wooden structure. If you head towards that structure you will meet One Man Centipede and Two Giant Man Centipede.

Take the stairs and go up then turn right you will find 1 stone of Ephemeral Eyes. The Hill at the back also has one Renowned Soldier’s Soul.

Come back now and keep going left until you find another wooden structure, go through the wooden structure and you will find another man centipede.

You will see a bridge at the end and after you pass that bridge there is a little staircase on the left side.

When you get to the top of that little staircase, you will meet three giant man centipedes. You will need to kill them and move forward in the Fool’s Idol Archstone.

Now you will find another fog door. There will also be some corpses on your left that have 1 Renowned Soldier’s Soul along with two Dark Moon Grass.

There is also 4 Augite of Guidance where you met three Giant Man Centipedes. Don’t forget to collect them.

Then turn left and you would come across a giant man centipede. Killed a centipede and keep going.

Turn left again and you will be at the edge of the wooden platform.

Now you need to follow the dim light of the treasure ahead by jumping into the water. This treasure will have one Chunk of Mercurystone.

Head straight from this treasure and you will find a prisoner horde that will have laser-like attacks. Dodge those attacks and loot the treasures in the front.

You will get 2 Shard of Mercurystone.

There are two structures visible on your right, go between them and turn left and you will find one Fragant Ring.

Now you need to go back to the wooden structure that takes you to the Hill. You will be able to loot one Ring of Disease Resistance After fighting with two giant man centipedes.

Make your way back to the fog door and go through it. This time turn left and go up the Hill and you will find a staircase.

He will also see a black Phantom mind flayer, but you need to head forward and turn right at the end and fight the Giant Man Centipede.

You will find another Giant Man Centipede along with a man centipede. After defeating them go left and take out another pair of giant man centipede.

The Crystal lizard will be visible to you in the distance.

The next step is to pass the wooden bridge on the right but you will have to take out the gargoyle that comes before the bridge at this part of the Fool’s Idol Archstone.

Head forward and you will find another gargoyle on the right. Then cross the bridge and take out another gargoyle.

Take it out and turn left to find one Storied Soldier’s Soul in the left corridor. If you move forward you will come across a gap. If you wait here an elevator will come.

Use the elevator to go up and then take the stairs. You will find 4 prisoners performing some kind of ritual again around a chain.

Kill them to trigger a cutscene. No again take the elevator to go down and go back to the beating heart to fight another giant man centipede.

When you get inside the heart tower you will see that there is a lot of treasure in place of the heart. Go down thereby being really close to the right wall and falling carefully on the platform.

When you get to that platform a giant and a simple man centipede will attack you. Take them out and then start looting.

You will find one gold mask, Epee Rapier, one Ring of Avarice, and two Storied hero’s soul from different corpses.

After taking out another giant man centipede, loot the other bodies for 1 Stone of Ephemeral Eyes and one Storied Soldier’s Soul.

After this, you will only need to fight one more giant man centipede and loot another body that has one more Storied Soldier’s Soul.

Go back up, then to the side of the stairs and loot the body there to find one Renowned hero’s soul unbreak chars to find one Rune sword and shield.

Go back again and climb the stairs and you will see another Black Phantom Mind Flayer. In the middle of the stairs but you need to continue going up.

There will be a fog door on your left. Ignore it for now and explore the rest of this level. You will find 8 old spice on a body here.

Now go back and through the fog door and you will have to fight the Maneater to finish the Demon’s Souls Remake Fool’s Idol Archstone area.

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