Demon’s Souls Will Feature Ray Tracing On PS5

What can be labelled as the biggest announcement of the year, the stunning remake of the decade-old Demon’s Souls will feature a few graphical surprises.

While providing a briefing summary on the official blog for each first-party game showcased during the recent PlayStation 5 reveal event, Sony Interactive Entertainment confirmed that Demon’s Souls will make full use of ray tracing technology for “beautiful shadow effects” and enhanced visuals.

Sony also confirmed that developers Bluepoint Games and Japan Studio have included two graphical modes for players to choose from. Demon’s Souls will allow players to either focus on fidelity which will enable ray tracing effects, or frame rate which will likely disable the cumbersome rendering technique.

Any more information on the graphical modes has been kept for a later date. For the time being, it can be safely assumed that the pro-visual mode will possibly run Demon’s Souls at 30 frames per second while the pro-performance mode will net 60 frames per second. Expecting to run the game at 4K resolution at 60 frames per second will continue to be a dream unless confirmed otherwise.

In an interview with Bluepoint Games’ president Marco Thrush last year, he stated that until now, remastering Shadow of the Colossus (twice) was an incredible achievement of the studio. However, the project currently in the works for PlayStation 5—now revealed to be Demon’s Souls—will easily replace Shadow of the Colossus as the greatest achievement ever in the books of Bluepoint Games.

PlayStation 5 launches worldwide during the holiday season at the end of 2020. Demon’s Souls remains without a release date but fans can always keep their fingers crossed for the game to be a launch title. The more probable happening would be for Demon’s Souls to release somewhere in 2021 as most of Sony’s first-party games are destined for then.

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