DeLorean Latency Fix Proves Xbox One Cloud Gaming Has Future

It was only earlier this week when AMD, in collaboration with Leap Computing, released a video where they showcased Crysis 3 and Battlefield 4 running on Laptops by utilizing the power of cloud-based gaming.

Could-based gaming is the future of the industry and it has many advantages but the technology is still relevantly new.

The technology greatly depends on the locality of servers and the reliability of your ISP. The issue of latency is forever there but according to a new report, Microsoft may have found a way to reduce that by a large amount.

Microsoft’s Research team is currently working on a project called DeLorean where the team has created a way to render frames before an event occurs in a game. This prediction is based on the player’s inputs and helps cut down 250 ms of latency.

The breakthrough helps combine future input predictions, state space subsampling and time shifting, misprediction compensation and bandwidth compression.

According to the report, DeLorean has been successfully tested on Fable, and Doom 3. Thus rendering the previous belief of cloud-based gaming only suitable for RPGs and other slower paced games weak.

The key findings of the research paper are:

  • Users rate DeLorean’s navigation speculation playable with minor visual quality impairment up to 256ms.
  • Users rate DeLorean’s navigation speculation playable with minor visual quality impairment up to 256ms.
  • Users experience very little in-game performance degradation with DeLorean as compared to a standard cloud gaming system.
  • Speculation imposes increased demands on resource. Bandwidth consumption is 1.5 − 4.5× higher than standard cloud gaming depending on the RTT.

Early experiments are really positive with players ‘overwhelmingly favoring DeLorean masking of high RTTs over naked exposure to long latency’. Researchers believe this will in turn help cloud gaming reach much larger community while maintaining a high level of user experience.

Though DeLorean is still in its testing phase and we’ve yet to see how it handles itself in the real world but if it does exactly what it’s currently doing in a controlled environment, then Microsoft’s Azure is going to pave a new way into the video game industry.

Source: Microsoft

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