Dell Markets Its 8th Gen Laptops With PUBG Hacks In China

PUBG has become very popular in the past year, however, cheating is one of the major issues for the game and turns out Dell is marketing its 8th Gen Intel laptops with PUBG hacks in China.

This is according to David Hollingworth from PCPowerplay, who revealed that his colleague was in Beijing last week for Intel’s reveal of its 8th gen processors and many laptop and PC manufacturers were present showing off their products powered by Intel 8th Gen processors and Dell was one of them.

Interestingly Dell’s marketing of its products was focussed on how many “plug-ins” a user could run on it and interestingly the plug-ins that were being used to market its products were PUBG Hacks.

This is what Dell’s spokesperson had to say about how you can win more chicken dinners using PUBG hacks on Dell products:

She spoke of how Chinese gamers are the most innovative and dominant in the world by using “plugins” to, for example, run faster than other players, or blow up ten cars at a time, and that these top gamers can really use 8th-Gen power to “run more plugins to win more at Chicken Dinner”, and that the top players run the most ‘plugins’ so that’s where 8th-gen Dell power gives them the gamer’s edge. Behind her a video proudly shows various cheats in PUBG in action (they really like the one with the massively oversized gun and show that a lot), with the new Dell gaming laptops shown every few seconds while Sally told us that gamers should buy a Dell because they’re better at running many plugins. Wow.

Interestingly, Dell is encouraging players to violate Bluehole’s terms of service for PUBG and even worse encouraging players to throw fair-play out the window.

However, Dell did release a statement about how they support fair-play and this doesn’t represent their global gaming culture but, their actions speak otherwise as they were marketing their products through PUBG hacks.

What do you make of this? Let us know in the comments.

Source: PCPowerplay

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