New Dell G Series Gaming Notebooks Feature Up To 6 Cores And 12 Threads

The new Dell G series will be taking over where the Inspiron gaming series left off. There are plenty of options and configurations to choose from and here we are going to talk about all that. The most distinctive feature that we are now getting in laptops is 6 cores and 12 threads which we have not seen before. The Dell G series gaming notebooks also offer this feature.

When talking about the Dell G7 15 laptops, you get a 15.6-inches screen which can be 1080p or 4K depending on your preference and budget. If you are on a budget then you can opt for the 1080p version but if money is no obstacle and you want the best that the Dell G series has to offer then go with the 4K panel. You can check out images of the new laptops below.

Talking about the graphics cards that will be powering these displays, you can choose between the Nvidia GTX 1050, 1050 Ti, and 1060 Max-Q GPUs. The pricing is very competitive as well, with the G3 starting at $749, the G5 starting at $799, and the G7 starting at $849. You do need to remember that the base models have slower hard drives and limited RAM.

If you pay more you can opt for faster storage and more RAM. The one thing that you cannot upgrade by paying more is the plastic body. Keeping in mind the price, you know that Dell needed to cut corners somewhere and that is very evident in the build quality of these laptops.

The touchpad is not all that great, the screen has some flex to it and the keyboard is far from decent. If you can deal with all that then I guess this is something that you can look into when buying your next laptop. You could opt for these if you are on a tight budget and cannot get these specs at the same price.

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