Defiance Loadouts Guide – Ego Powers, Weapons, Shields and Grenades

In this Defiance Loadouts guide, I will be talking you through some of the options that players are presented with in regard to their equipment. I will then recommend certain item combinations that work better than others in order to help you make your character as strong as I can.

Defiance Loadouts

First, I will be discussing the choices in Ego Powers you have and why I think some of them are less effective than others. Then we will move to choices in perks and which ones will give you the most bang for your buck.

Finally, we’ll move on to Weapons, where I will recommend certain combinations of guns, grenades and shields to make you the ultimate killing machine. I will also lay out a hypothetical build which utilizes all these choices.

Defiance Loadouts – Ego Powers

In Defiance, you will have access to four Ego Powers but will be able to use only one of them. This is convenient as there is only one Ego power that is worth getting.

The powers you have access to are; Blur, Cloak, Overcharge and Decoy. I will get to why Decoy is the best later.

Overcharge may seem like an okay choice, but the damage boost isn’t all that great since it has a very long cool down. Furthermore, unless you use a Light Machine Gun with a zillion bullets in each clip, most of the Overcharge duration will be spent reloading.

Blur is pretty useless as well, as all it does is give you a speed boost and increased melee damage. The only thing the speed boost can be used for is to get closer to enemies for a shotgun blast for the face but you can accomplish that just as easily by utilizing cover and good movement.

I will admit that Cloak is actually pretty good if you’re either a Sniper or in PvP, but it’s quite cumbersome outside of those situations. It has a long cooldown, has a short duration, and reactivating it can be a bother as it gets interrupted by as little as the fart of a nearby NPC. Still, it’s a decent pickup if you intend to play an assassination/sniper character.

Finally we have Decoy. It’s clearly the best choice as it can be useful in any situation, by any class, using any load out. With Decoy, you essentially have a mini tank up your sleeve.

Activating it will draw the aggression of all nearby mobs, giving you a chance to breathe and kite. You can even use it to skip mobs altogether and finish missions faster. Just pop the Decoy on the enemies, and while they’re wasting time on it, complete the objective, you came for and slip away in no time flat.

Most of the perks you choose in Defiance are revolve around improving your Ego Power. Either by directly affecting them, by increasing the duration or reducing the cool downs. I highly recommend that you pick perks that reduce the cool down on your ability, and for that reason, I recommend the following perks.

Pump Up
This perk is almost a must have. Getting three points in this will reduce the cooldown of your Ego ability by 15% every time you do a full reload. This is invaluable.

This might be a surprising recommendation as it has little to do with your Ego Power. Despite the fact that the first point in this perk does little, I like it because once you level it up a bit you become much more durable after a kill.

It decreases the damage you take for three seconds after each kill, and it shouldn’t be too difficult to maintain a kill rate of one every three seconds. The best part is that it’s a passive ability, and as such has no cooldown.

Materialize & Efficient Projection, and Single Minded & Combat Medic
Next we want to aim for the Materialize and Efficient Projection perks, but they’re tier two, meaning you need to unlock an earlier perk to be able to get at them. Good options are Single Minded and Combat Medic.

One for All and Fortified Stance
One thing to note about Decoy is that a lot of the related perks are somewhat support-ish. This is good as it will provide you with some utility in group situations.

For more group benefit I recommend you take One for All and Fortified stance on your way to grabbing Materialize and Efficient Projection. These synergise well with your other perks.

Combat medic combined with Fortified Stance means you’ll be a brick wall while reviving someone, and because of One for All, you’ll also revive all other downed group members too.

Defiance Loadouts – Weapons

Finally we get to the good part; the weapons. You can equip two weapons at a time, and switch between them whenever you wish. However, it is important that you pick two weapons that complement each other and cover their counterpart’s weaknesses. The types of weapons included in Defiance are as follows:

  • Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle
  • Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle
  • Assault Rifle
  • Light Machine Gun
  • Piston
  • Combat Shotgun
  • Pump Action Shotgun
  • Sawed-off Shotgun
  • Sub-Machine Gun
  • Grenade
  • Detonator
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Bio-Magnetic Gun
  • Infector

If you want more information on these weapons feel free to peruse our Defiance Weapons Guide.

I am now going to list and explain some useful combinations of weapons. Keep in mind that while I’m not covering each and every possibility, I’m mentioning the following because they work and make sense. However, each situation will call for a different approach, and it’s a good idea to have several outfits saved.

Combat Shotgun and Assault Rifle/Light Machine Gun
The Combat Shotgun is probably the best weapon of its type in the game. I find that it outclasses both the Pump Action and Sawed-off versions in every way.

It is powerful and deadly at close range, and to make up for its lack of range and slow reload times I like to pair it up with either an AR or a LMG. Both these weapons provide good mid-range accuracy, along with decent damage, large clip sizes and rate of fire.

Bio-Magnetic Gun and Assault Rifle
Choosing to use the Bio-Magnetic Gun pretty much pigeon-holes you into a support role, and as such you need to select an all-rounder secondary weapon. The AR fits the bill as a reliable damage tool as using the Bio-Mag as a damage tool is a questionable decision at best.

You can also swap the AR for a Light Machine Gun or any reliable mid-range weapon if you wish.

Sniper Rifles and Pistol/Combat Shotgun/Assault Rifle
For those of you who fancy headshotting their foes from afar, I recommend these weapons. Again, the AR is a reliable, all-purpose tool for sticky situations, but if your aim is good you can do just as well with a Pistol.

The Combat Shotgun seems like a no brainer, but it actually leaves you fairly open in the mid-range. You’ll be deadly from afar, and you’ll be deadly in their faces, but you’ll have to pull off some smart moves with the decoy to be truly effective with this combo.

Infector and Bio-Magnetic Gun/Combat Shotgun
You might desire to use the Infector as your primary weapon, that’s fine. To pair up with it I prefer to use the Bio-Mag in group situations, or a Shotgun while soloing (again, the AR is a suitable replacement but I’m getting a bit tired of beating that dead horse).

The Infector is an Area of Effect weapon that deals damage over time, so it’s perfect in group scenarios where someone else has the attention of the mobs. If you’re going solo its damage can be a bit underwhelming so I like to take the Combat Shotgun along with it.

Rocket Launcher and pretty much anything else
There’s literally no situation in the game that you can possibly find yourself in, in which you go, ‘Phew, it’s a good thing I don’t have a rocket launcher’.

The Rocket Launcher has its obvious weaknesses; it’s slow, it has ammo problems and a bad rate of fire, but at the end of the day it still shoots rockets. They’re especially useful against enemies in cover and those with shields.

There are only a few combinations I would urge you to be cautious with; using rocket launchers along with sniper rifles can leave you dangerously unprotected if the enemy manages to close with you. Also, using both grenade launchers and rocket launchers simultaneously mean that you’ll spend 90% of your time reloading.

Defiance Loadouts – Shields

The following are the kinds of shields which can be found in Defiance. This section is a work in progress and I cannot give recommendations for them at this time.

  • Ironclad Rearm IV EX
  • Hurricane
  • Hurricane II
  • Hurricane III
  • Rebel
  • Rebel II
  • Rebel III
  • Tachyon
  • Tachyon II
  • Tachyon III
  • Von Bach Industries Defense Screen

Defiance Loadouts – Grenades

There are two primary types of Grenades in Defiance; Biological and Fragmentation. The Frag grenades are pretty simple to understand, they blow up and damage nearby enemies. However, Biological grenades instead leave a puddle of ooze on the ground which damage and effect enemies that pass through them.

As such, biological grenades can be used a bit more strategically than Frags, but in the end it all comes down to personal choice.

Defiance Loadouts – Final Word and Example Loadout

The above guidelines I have specified should not be taken as a bible; they are after all, guidelines. Don’t be afraid to experiment and select the loadout you most want to play with.

Defiance is a game when all is said and done, and should be played for enjoyment. I’m simply pointing out certain things that synergize well. As such here is an example build I would use in game:

  • Ego Power: Decoy
  • Primary Perks: Pumped up, Detachment, Materialize and Efficient Projection
  • Primary Weapon Combo: Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle and Combat Shotgun

Don’t forget to share your loadouts with us in the comments and do explain why you opted for such loadout and in which scenarios it will be useful.

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