Defiance Contracts Guide – Daily and Weekly Contracts and How To

Contracts in Defiance are special daily and weekly missions that factions will hand out to you. Completing these contracts will earn players various sorts of rewards, ranging from gear like armor and weapons to reputation increase.

The type of contracts vary from faction to faction. Each day a certain amount of contracts will be given by the factions. In addition to this, there are weekly contracts as well, which span for a week and require lengthy tasks to be fulfilled.

Defiance Contracts – Daily and Weekly

Contracts can only be obtained once a person reaches 250 EGO rating. Many of the areas associated with the Contract requirements spawn enemies and items suited to the task of the contract. If you need to fulfill these tasks multiple times (often the case in weekly Contracts), try leaving the area (along with all the other partners/people that are in the area) and returning to it two to three minutes later.

So, let’s see the various contracts that are on offer, along with possible locations that will aid in their completion:


Daily Contracts
Angel on the Shoulder

Record 5 Rescue Kills in Deathmatch.

A Bullet’s Proof

Record 5 Defense Kills in Capture & Hold.

King of the Mountain

Record 5 Attack Kills in Capture & Hold.

Power Play

Record 5 EGO Power Kills in Deathmatch.

Reap What You Sow

Record 5 Avenger Kills in Deathmatch.

Trial by Fire

Kill 20 players in competitive multiplayer.

Vehicular Manslaughter

Record 10 turret kills in Capture and Hold.

Weekly Contracts

Information Overload

Win 7 Capture and Hold matches

Most Wanted

Score 100 kills in competitive matches

Seize the Day

Complete 10 Capture and Hold Matches*

Slayer of the Flock

Kill 50 players in Deathmatch

Paradise Territory

Daily Contracts:
Liberate the Lost

Complete the Liberate the Lost co-op map

Scrapworks Salvage

Complete the Scrapworks Salvage co-op map

Soleptor Excavation

Complete Soleptor Excavation co-op map

Weekly Contracts

Most Wanted

Complete the Explosions 101 co-op map

Soleptor Enterprises

Daily Contracts

Atlas Attrition

Collect 20 Navigation Logs from mutants at the Radio Towers.

Buried in Paydirt

Collect 20 helmets from Dark Matter forces in major ruins.

  • Look southwest and northeast of the Overpass, approximately 800 (plus/minus 100) meters on both sides.

Occupational Hazards

Collect 15 Gas Masks from rioters on farms. Check out the ranches in central Marin.

Pelts for Poseurs

Collect 40 hides from Skitterlings around Marin. Random Events in Marin will help obtaining this.

Rust, Rocks, and Profit

Collect 20 Mineral Pouches from Mattocks at mines.

  • Look around the areas of the Muir Processing Plant.

Weekly Contracts

Belly of the Beast

Collect 100 Stomachs from Hellbugs in Sausalito. Best found in the Hellbug Arkfalls.

Mother’s Muck

Collect 10 Digestive Enzyme samples from matrons.

  • Arkfalls are the best source
  • Try the Island of Lost Soldiers co-op mission

Spike in the Vein

Collect 100 Mineral Samples from 99ers in mines. Try the Mother Lode co-op mission.

Student of History

Collect 35 Battle Plans from Dark Matter Monitors. Do the Dark Harvest Rampage.

Top Notch Toolworks

Daily Contracts

A Bunch of Tools

Collect 20 Tool Kits from Raiders in Madera. You can find them in the Mines in central Madera.

Defrag Dark Matter

Collect 20 Telemetry Cells from Dark Matter forces in Scrapworks. Do the Scrapworks Salvage co-op mission.

Down to the Wire

Collect 20 Wiring Fragments from mutants in northern Mount Tam

Metal Gear Wrecks

Collect 20 Gears from Omnivolts in San Francisco. Do the SMASH Rampage.

Parts Unknown

Collect 20 Parts Kits from 99ers in Marin. Do the Minigun Mayhem Rampage.

Scrappy Sedan

Collect 20 Armor Plates from scrappers in Scrapworks. Do the Scrapworks Salvage co-op mission.

The Air is Thick

Collect 20 Medicinal Inhalers from Raiders at 101 keys. Do the Explosives 101 co-op mission.

Weekly Contracts

Always On

Collect 75 Data Cores from Bulwarks in San Fransisco. Do the Dark Harvest Rampage.

Clockwork Gods

Collect 10 AI Cores from Scrapper Progenitors. You’ll find it in the Scrapper Uprising Arkfall.


Collect 100 Stim Packs from Raiders in Madera

Von Bach Industries

Daily Contracts

Aegis Gambit

Collect 10 Shield Implants from Goldrushers

  • Mother Lode co-op mission
  • Found in the mines in Madera
  • In the Rampage: Minigun Mayhem

Gun to a Knife Fight

Collect 20 Charge Swords from Enforcers in San Francisco. Best obtained from the Dark Harvest Rampage.

Longevity Conundrum

Collect 20 Aiming Implants from 99ers in Mine 99. Go through the Mother Lode co-op mission.

Rocket Surgery

Collect 15 Rockets from Blasters on farms

  • Miwok Ranch 700m NE of Headlands Transit Depot
  • Found in central Marin

Scavenger Hunt

Collect 20 Weapon Parts from Raiders on Docks

Vision of the Future

Collect 20 Optical Sights from Soldiers in Delta Bunker

Weekly Contracts

Artificial Intelligence

Collect 50 Control Chips from Bulwarks in San Francisco. Best done in the Dark Harvest Rampage.

Cocoon Carnage

Collect 150 Shells from Skitterlings around Marin. You’ll have your chance at it with Arkfalls and random events in Marin.

The Long Bomb

Collect 10 Hulker bombs

  • Fount in the Event on road east of Time Trial: Coastline Course
  • Found in the Explosives 101 co-op mission
  • Found in the Soleptor Excavation co-op mission
  • In the San Quentin Prison

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