Deep Rock Galactic Update 28 Released, Perk System Overhaul

Deep Rock Galactic has received Update 28. You can now download this patch on PC (Steam). You will find that Deep Rock Galactic Update 28 has an overhaul of the entire Perk System, the first part of the Space Rig redesign, as well as a new addition to the way you can customize your firearms. Something else that stands out in this patch is that the Black Box objectives are now affected by gravity.

Deep Rock Galactic is an attractive action and exploration proposal with a nice science fiction backdrop. The game is mainly focused on cooperative gameplay as a first-person shooter. With a major emphasis on teamwork, and with several class options to choose from, Deep Rock Galactic offers procedurally generated worlds and with enormous possibilities of destruction. Below you will find some key patch notes regarding Deep Rock Galactic Update 28.

Perk System Overhaul

Perks can now either be Passive or Active. Passive Perks are pretty much what the Perks used to be. Equip one of these and you get a passive increase to a given stat. No activation needed – equip it and the benefit is just there. Active Perks, however, requires activation from you, and generally have either a Cooldown on their use or limited uses – sometimes even both! Their limited usability is compensated for by letting us make them more powerful.

With Deep Rock Galactic Update 28 we are also introducing a bunch of new Perks, both Passive and Active, and have tweaked the costs and requirements. This means that all Perk purchases have been reset, any spent Perk Points have been refunded to you, and all Perks need to be unlocked once more.

New Perks

Some Active, some Passive, some are both!

  • Beastmaster: Ever wanted to have a loyal Glyphid companion following you around? Well, this Active Perk lets you tame a Glyphid Grunt. Your loyal many-legged sidekick will help you in combat and keep you company during the quiet periods.
  • Born Ready: If you hate reloading then this new Passive Perk is for you. All of your weapons will automatically reload when not equipped for a few seconds.
  • Dash: This Active combat mobility Perk will quickly get you out of trouble with an extreme burst of speed for a short duration in Deep Rock Galactic.
  • Jump Boots: Dwarves may not be known for their jumping ability, but, with the aid of technology, this Active Perk lets you soar through the air. Useful both in combat and for quick vertical traversal. Just remember: what goes up must come down.
  • See You in Hell: Go out with a bang with an Active Perk that lets you detonate a plasma charge after going down taking the bastards with you. For gameplay purposes, the explosion was made to trigger quickly, so you’ll have to do the Predator laugh yourself.
  • Shield Link: This co-op focused Active Perk lets you overcharge a teammate’s shield to 300% for about 15 seconds. It also has a passive effect: when you are close to a teammate it increases the shield recharge rate for both of you.
  • Temperature Insulation: Do you hate the cold? Is your Driller teammate constantly burning your behind? Do you want to see what is at the bottom of a lava geyser? Then get this Passive Perk and enjoy a large resistance to extreme temperature fluctuations.
  • Thorns: A Passive perk that will deal damage to any critter foolish enough to bite you. Especially effective against swarmers and other small nuisances, but keep in mind that it will not prevent you from taking damage from the attack.

Space Rig Redesign

The Space Rig is something we’ve wanted to update for a long time. It is, however, a large task, and we will be doing it in steps. The first and most crucial step is what we’re doing in Update 28 – the overall rearranging and restructuring of the place, and getting everything in more contextually sound and meaningful positions instead of just having rows of identical terminals next to each other.

Work on the Space Rig will continue from now on and up until we end Early Access and launch the game fully, and will include full terminal overhauls such as how we’ve treated the Forge by giving it a fully custom model from the get-go.

Here you will find the complete list of Deep Rock Galactic Update 28 patch notes. I remind you that Ghost Ship Games and Coffee Stain’s Deep Rock Galactic released for PC in early access and Xbox One Preview on February 28, 2018.

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