Deep Down is Alive, But is it Still in Development?

It seems that Deep Down is alive, or so Capcom’s latest U.S trademark extension says. Is the game actually going to be released?

The U.S trademark renewal spotted by Dualshockers is interesting because it is the final time that the trademark extension can be used. This means that the game will have to be developed or Capcom will lose rights to the trademark.

The original trademark for Deep Down was registered on July 2013 and as you can see in the screengrab from the extension details, it can only be extended a total of five times. With another required extension this year, this will be their final one.

What this means now is that if the game is not released by February 11, 2017 the name will be lost. With little news other than this extension though, will Capcom release it on time?

Another bad sign is the fact that this is in fact a game that originates in Japan, and will need to be localised. With a Beta version not even tested yet and no news from Japan about the game, things will start to look grim on a U.S release. Localisation is one thing that will hold up the release and in development terms, a year is a short time, and is getting ever shorter.

We’ll have to see what Capcom do with the trademark, and if the game is revealed this year. If the trademark extensions run out, this won’t be the end of the world for the game. I’m sure if it is being developed Capcom will have plans in place for if the name is lost, the easiest plan being a new name.

So Deep Down is alive? Or has this extension just been placed just in case? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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