Deep Down Dev Says Game’s Framework is Much Larger Than Before Now

After being silent for more than a month (during which people even started doubting the future of Deep Down), Capcom finally came up with more details on the game saying that they were working on it but they needed time.

This time however, they have explained the reasons why they need that extra time.

Yoshinori Ono the producer of the game at Capcom Online Games discussed what they actually happened. He says that while all the rumors relating to the development being stopped are not true, it is a fact that they need more time to make it.

This is because the framework of Deep Down is not what it used to be before. It is much larger as compared to what it was when they announced the game, he says “the framework behind it has much larger to the point that what we had before may well have been a dud.”

Moreover, Ono believes that rushing with the game’s launch would have resulted in a product that lacked the necessary parts, hence the delay. So bear with them until they perfect the game, will you:

Since maintaining an online game service is a long-term challenge, if you don’t properly create necessary parts of it in time for the launch, players won’t stick around long even if it’s interesting,” Ono said. “We eventually came to have concerns that Deep Down wouldn’t initially establish itself well with consumers, so we decided to put aside more time so we could perfect it.

Deep Down is a PlayStation 4 exclusive RPG with single player and a multiplayer that resembles Dark Souls. We still don’t have a release date but it is expected that the game will be out this year.

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