Deck 13’s aRPG The Surge Gets the Very First Gameplay Footage

It’s been almost a year since I last heard about The Surge, an upcoming action-RPG from Lords of the Fallen developer, Deck 13 Interactive.

The game’s publisher, Focus Home Interactive, has shared a new gameplay footage which shows some of the mechanics and also reminds us that the game is indeed on its way.

The Surge Gets a Gameplay Footage

It has already been confirmed that the game features exosuits and close-quarter-combat. Some of the mechanics shown in the footage include backstabs, executions, parrying, counter-attacks, and jumping attack.

The game has a steep difficulty curve with huge elements of risk and reward. While playing, players must analyse their enemies to find weak spots, and carefully weigh their options to bring down enemies. Over-aggression will not get players too far into the game.

Some players may also feel a similarity between Lords of the Fallen and The Surge which is something Deck 13 Interactive is aware of. Speaking of the differences between Lords of the Fallen and The Surge, here is what the game’s creative director Jan Klose had to say:

The difference to Lords of the Fallen is that we take more time introducing the different features for the player at the beginning of the game. Not in a lengthy tutorial, but as you are advance in the game, the features that will help you overcome your enemies will come one by one so that you can grasp the whole toolset of possibilities and not miss on some of them just because they were introduced poorly.

You can check out the gameplay footage attached above and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

Originally announced sometime around Gamescom 2015, there is still no release date availability as of now, but The Surge should be available sometime during 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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