Deathloop’s Stuttering On PC As Players Blame Denuvo

Deathloop has been suffering from performance issues on PC since release but a fix could potentially be just around the corner.

Taking to Reddit earlier today, community manager “MortalEmperor” confirmed that developer Arkane Studios is well aware of “some PC users…experiencing stuttering issues” in Deathloop. Arkane Studios has begun “actively investigating the issue right now as a priority” and will provide an update as soon as possible.

Deathloop was released on PC a couple of days ago and even sizable desktop systems with impressive (expensive) hardware have been finding it hard to achieve stable frame rates. The stuttering issues are more so random but can reportedly become immense during gunfights or enemy encounters.

It should be noted that Deathloop incorporates the rather controversial Denuvo anti-tampering technology on PC to keep pirates at bay. Denuvo has been heavily criticized for impacting gameplay performance by allegedly hoarding resources.

Hence, as far as players are concerned, the stuttering issues of Deathloop are because of Denuvo and removing the anti-piracy measure should solve all performance-related issues. Arkane Studios remains to acknowledge that theory.

Resident Evil: Village, as a most recent example, was also suffering from stuttering frame rates on PC since its release. It was not until crackers broke through the game that Denuvo was discovered to be the root cause of the problem.

The pirated version of Resident Evil: Village, which was updated by crackers to remove Denuvo, completely eliminated all stuttering issues for smooth and interrupted gameplay. Resident Evil: Village is exactly why many Deathloop players believe their problems and solutions are the same.

Deathloop is now available on all major platforms and has been highly praised for its gameplay. The Steam version however continues to receive mixed reviews due to its ongoing performance woes.

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