Deathloop voice actor teases new game, could be a sequel

It appears that developer Arkane Studios is possibly working on a Deathloop sequel in addition to the now delayed Redfall.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, voice actor Jason Kelley teased that he has started working on a new project. Kelley voiced Colt Vahn, the protagonist of Deathloop. Since he also tagged the game in his original tweet, many fans took it as a hint that a Deathloop sequel is now in development.

When asked if Kelley was possibly working on a post-release expansion or add-on content for Deathloop, he confirmed that it had to do with a “new title” and a non-disclosure agreement prohibits him from sharing any more details.

Deathloop blends both the Dishonored and Prey franchises into a murder puzzle where players have to race against the clock to assassinate eight targets on an island before midnight. Leaving even a single target alive will rewind the clock to have the players start all over again. However, this time with the added knowledge of their targets such as their routes and habits.

Deathloop was released last September for PC and as a timed console exclusive for PlayStation 5. The all-new intellectual property was received favorably by critics but publisher Bethesda Softworks remains to reveal how many copies were sold to ascertain just how well the game did in sales.

The publisher could be waiting for the upcoming Xbox Series X|S release to provide a complete sales figure. That being said, if Bethesda Softworks has indeed tasked Arkane Studios to draw up a Deathloop sequel, the first game must have sold well.

In our review, we noted that Deathloop has set a new bar for intelligent game design by finding a perfect balance between stealth, action, style, and storytelling.

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