Deathloop PS5 Exclusivity Period Revealed

Deathloop will be releasing on PlayStation 5 in the coming months as a timed console exclusive for which the exclusivity period has just been revealed.

According to a slide shared at the end of a new trailer earlier today, Bethesda Softworks and Sony Interactive Entertainment have agreed to a one-year console exclusivity period. That means Deathloop will not be releasing on other consoles (Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S) “until at least” May 21, 2022.

ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda Softworks, was recently acquired by Microsoft in a massive $7.5 billion deal. It was naturally thought at first that Microsoft could make use of the opportunity to make all upcoming Bethesda games such as Deathloop exclusive to only Xbox consoles. Microsoft however made it clear that there should be no such concerns as the timed arrangement between Bethesda and Sony will be respected.

Deathloop was originally pegged to release alongside PlayStation 5 either as a launch title or in the holiday season afterwards. The game however had to be delayed until the second quarter of 2021 as development was severely crippled by the global lockdowns forced upon by the COVID-19 pandemic.

While there were a few concerns about a probable second delay, developer Arkane Studios managed to meet all deadlines in the end and as such, Deathloop will be finally releasing on May 21, 2021 for both PS5 and PC. As already noted, Xbox Series owners will have to wait an entire year to get their turn.

Deathloop sees protagonist Colt on a mission to kill eight targets on an island before the clock strikes midnight. Leaving even one target alive before the timer runs out will mean failure and which will cause a time loop to reset the day and bring Colt back at the start of the time loop, albeit with newfound knowledge of the habits and patterns of the said targets.

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