Deathloop Mostly Naked Characters Locations Guide

Mostly Naked Characters are your enemies in Deathloop whom you’ll have to eliminate in order to earn the Deathday Suit...

Mostly Naked Characters are your enemies in Deathloop whom you’ll have to eliminate in order to earn the Deathday Suit Trophy. In this guide, we will outline the locations of all the Mostly Naked Characters in Deathloop.

Deathloop Mostly Naked Characters Locations

There is a total of 14 Mostly Naked Characters in Deathloop, and to get access to them all, you only have to unlock all the maps. There’s no pre-requisite related to the progression of the storyline or your level.

Mostly Naked Characters are not entirely naked. Although shirtless, they will have their helmet, shoes, and underpants on.

Anyhow, as a general rule of thumb, whenever you’re hunting for Mostly Naked Characters, make sure to practice stealth.

Otherwise, your enemies will be alerted, and the Mostly Naked Character that you’re after will run somewhere else from their designated locations.

Having said that, let’s jump straight into the locations of all the Mostly Naked Characters so that you can get your hands on the coveted Deathday Suit Trophy!

Location # 1: The Complex – Morning

Make your way to the Array Y and head inside the bunker. You’ll find the first Mostly Naked man standing in the middle of the bunker.

Location # 2: The Complex – Noon

Head to Array Y. You’ll find him roaming around an outpost.

Location # 3 – The Complex – Afternoon

Exit the tunnel through the right door and proceed to the left of the tower ahead.

Climb the rock towards your east and keep moving straight. You’ll eventually come across an area outside the tunnel that is surrounded by a handful of trucks and supplies.

There, you’ll also find the third Mostly Naked Character spray painted in turquoise. He may look like other enemies to you, so feel free to kill everyone in the area if you like!

Location # 4: The Complex – Evening

Exit the tunnel from the right door and proceed straight ahead. You’ll find him out in the open, lying on the ground, dying.

Shoot him before he bleeds out. Be sure not to use melee on him because apparently, in some cases, resorting to that method won’t count the kill.

Location # 5: Updaam – Morning

At the point where you start in the tunnel, exit through the right door and head to the broken rooftop to your east. Head to the far edge of the rooftop ahead and drop down to the platform beneath.

At the far left corner of this platform, you’ll find the drunk, Mostly Naked Character.

Location # 6: Updaam – Noon

Head to the candy store and sneak to its balcony. You’ll find the Mostly Naked Character standing with an enemy of yours.

Location # 7: Updaam – Afternoon

You’ll find him right outside the Library, spray-painted in turquoise. He’ll be dancing around, with the bunch of other enemies, right in front of the stage.

It’s recommended that you try to take him down in one shot and run. Else, the other nearby enemies will swarm you!

Location # 8: Updaam – Evening

You can find this Mostly Naked Character at the previous location. However, this one will be standing at one of the front pillars around the stage.

This Mostly Naked Character again will be spray-painted in turquoise.

Location # 9: Karl’s Bay – Morning

He will be standing either inside Dawn of Reason or in the alley behind it.

Location # 10: Karl’s Bay – Afternoon

You’ll find him near next to speakers on the middle floor of Hanger 1.

He’ll be spray-painted in turquoise.

Location # 11: Karl’s Bay – Evening

You’ll find him right at the entrance of the Aeon Coital Center.

Location # 12: Fristad Rock – Morning

Exit the tunnel where you start in and head to the Aeon Security Station. You’ll find him standing on the bridge leading to the station.

Location # 13: Fristad Rock – Noon

Head outside the tunnel and make your way to the white van up ahead.

Climb up the rocks on your right. Here, you’ll see an opening amidst these rocks that lead to the inside of a bar beneath the Ramblin’ Rock Club.

The Mostly Naked Character you’re after will be visible from this opening; he’ll be standing behind the counter.

Location # 14: Fristad Rock – Afternoon

On the same location as the previous Mostly Naked Character. This one, however, will be spray-painted in turquoise and standing on the other side of the counter.