Deathloop Reportedly Coming to Game Pass on September 20

A pair of hosts on an Xbox-focused podcast are claiming that we'll be seeing Deathloop on Game Pass sometime around September 20.

In a recent episode of the Xbox Two show, hosted by Rand and Jez Corden, both hosts confidently stated that Deathloop, the pseudo-roguelike from Arkane Studios, will be coming to Xbox Game Pass on September 20. While there’s no proof that we’ll be seeing Deathloop on Game Pass, it is, at least, a possibility.

Deathloop puts players in the role of Colt, an assassin trapped on the island of Blackreef because of a time loop. To break the loop, Colt must kill eight different targets in the same loop. However, rival assassin Juliana Blake is hot on his tail, trying to stop him, along with hordes of armed psychos.

The game is going to become available on PS Plus Extra on September 20, so Rand and Jez’s prediction is likely based on that. Since the game is multiplatform, it stands to reason Microsoft would also want the game on Xbox Game Pass, much like many other high-profile games.

Deathloop offers a high degree of replayability as players not only have to investigate and discover the most optimal time to kill all eight of their targets across the day, but are also able to play as Juliana herself and hunt down other players in order to end their loops prematurely.

Having Deathloop on Game Pass is probably also the only way that Xbox players will be able to experience the game. While it’s available on PC, the only actual console that the game is playable on is the Playstation 5, so if you don’t have one of those yet for one reason or another, having it put on Xbox Game Pass will be the only way Xbox fans can experience it, if they don’t have a PC powerful enough.

But, of course, just because a pair of podcasters think that it’s coming doesn’t mean 100% that it actually will. We’ll likely have to wait on an actual announcement from Microsoft before we get too excited about the possibility. Until then, Deathloop is also available the normal way on PC and Playstation 5.

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