How to Search the Fristad Shore in Deathloop

Charlie and Fia are two of the targets that you need to kill in Deathloop and to do that, you have to search for the photo’s location in Fristad Shore for clues. With the guide below, we’ll show you how to Search the Fristad Shore in Deathloop,

How to Search the Fristad Shore in Deathloop

During the Space Invader quest in Deathloop, you’ll be given a task to find the location of Charlie and Fia where they secretly meet at the Fristad Rock. However, all you have is a picture of them with few clues in it.

In order to complete the “Search the Fristad Shore” objective, you must complete the “Afternoon Delight” Visionary lead first as it provides you with a passcode which you’ll need to access the control panel with.

Once you’ve successfully completed the “Afternoon Delight” Visionary lead, it’s time for you to start searching Fristad Shore for details about your targets.

Search the Fristad Shore

The photograph gives away two clues. The first one being that it was taken at the Shore and the second clue is the crashed plane in the picture.

With that in mind, head straight to the Fristad Rock. The best possible time is in the Afternoon since the location doesn’t work for any other time, especially at night.

In case, you’re having trouble catching up to the time zone, you can change the time from the menu where you pick out your loadouts.

At the map location, head straight up the staircase leading you to an entrance that takes you outside into the blizzard.

Once you’re outside in the cold, head right from the station with a “Food Sucks” graffiti on it towards a container with “walk slowly” appearing on it.

Go past the container, and you’ll end up at a junkyard filled with enemies patrolling the area.

The most recommended option here is to use your Colt’s abilities to prevent any type of encounters that may lead you into a gunfight.

Reach the far-right part of the Junkyard to come across a place frozen in water at the shore. Head straight from the shore to walk up the stairs ahead.

The staircase leads you to the bunker entrance with the number ”09” written on it. Now, this is the exact location where Charlie and Fia took the picture and that is outside the bunker’s entrance.

Open the door, enter the area and head down the bunker, and you’ll find the control panel to the right behind the broken wall.

How to Search the Fristad Shore for the Photo

On the control panel is a book for you to read and an audio log for you to hear. Once you’re all down, you’ll complete the Search the Fristad Shore objective in Deathloop.

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