How to Unlock Gideon Fry’s Delivery Booths in Deathloop

Gideon Fry’s delivery booths are useful in Deathloop for multiple reasons, such as collecting important goods like a battery and resolving optional quests like In This Together. However, in order to access these booths, you’ll need a passcode. In this guide, we are going to tell you How to Unlock Gideon Fry’s Delivery Booths in Deathloop.

How to Unlock Gideon Fry’s Delivery Booths in Deathloop

There is a total of 4 Gideon Fry’s delivery booths in Deathloop, with one in each of the four maps. Here are the exact locations of each:

  • The Complex – in the parking lot on the outer part of the area.
  • The Karl’s Bay – On the road, east of Colt’s tunnels.
  • The Updaam – Inside the plaza that is located next to the library.
  • The Fristad Rock – Near Colt’s tunnels, right under the AEON sign panel.

Once you’ve found each of these booths, their locations will be added to your Discoveries page, so even if you forget where they were, you’ll be reminded of their locations.

However, to access any of the four delivery booths, you’ll require a certain passcode.

That’s why we have our guide below, which will take a dig into where you can find this code and how you can use it to unlock a Gideon Fry’s delivery booth. So, let’s begin!

Gideon Fry’s Delivery Booths Code Location

First off, make your way to Fristad Rock at Noon. Head out the tunnels, and you’ll see a huge AEON sign above, with a handful of Eternalists around.

Navigate to the back of the sign and then proceed to the right of the bay. Now, climb the hill that’ll lead you to a bunker with a crane nearby.

Proceed to the other side of the bunker to find its entrance, surrounded by some Eternalists. Proceed inside. Once inside the bunker, dispatch the guards around you and ascend the stairs to your left.

Up ahead, you’ll come across a camera, hack it and then, head to the pathway to your left with a door at its very end. Move past the door, and you’ll see a window to your left. Look past it, and you’ll see the Gideon Fry’s delivery booth code on the whiteboard.

Press Shift to zoom in and note down the code. Else, just break down the window and head inside for a better look. You can also take a screenshot of the code if you like.

Note that this place is accessible to you only when you’ve reached the “Search Fias’ Fortress” step in the Afternoon Delight Visionary.

How to Use the Golden Fry’s Delivery Booth Code?

Now that you’ve got your hands on the code head to any of the four Gideon Fry’s delivery booths in the Isle of Blackreef and input the code. Next, choose which of the four Gideon Fry’s delivery booths you would like your goods to be transferred to.

Now, choose which of the goods you need from a battery, nullifier, crank wheel, and turret. Having done that, proceed to the booth you chose and pick up the required goods.