Deathloop Cassette Puzzle Guide

In Deathloop you will come face to face with a puzzle based on symbology. A simple match the pattern to the right button. While it may seem simple, it can get a bit daunting with Julianna on the hunt! This guide will help you in understanding the Data Cassette Puzzle in Deathloop!

Deathloop Cassette Puzzle

Let’s start with a bit of some bad news. The pictograms are random. There is no strict order here that we can reveal to you. But hey, it’s not all lost. The puzzle itself is pretty easy, all you need to do is observe carefully. Oh, and have a good memory!

Afternoon Delight

To start let’s get to Charlie’s Obnoxious Machine. Not as obnoxious as this whole puzzle, but baby steps. It’s best that you track this quest to help you along with some obstacles but make sure it’s the afternoon when you start.

From Fristad Rock, go outside to find the edge of the icy tundra that meets the sea. Follow the coast, if you see a rusting carcass of a plane in the sea then you are following the right path!

Keep moving forward till you hit a small flight of stairs leading upwards. And you have arrived! The concrete wall beside the metal door will read ‘09’ so just let yourself in.

Charlie’s Obnoxious Machine will welcome you. On this machine, you will find- Pressable Cassette tapes and a Blueprint.

So how is this puzzle going to work? Basically, it’s going to be a cycle- Observe your pictogram, match the symbol on the blueprint. See which number and cassette do the symbol belongs to and press!

To explain it a bit further, the Pictograms you found are going to be valuable here. Inspect your first pictogram. Observe and memorize the symbol. Cross-reference this symbol with the blueprint.

Deathloop Cassette Puzzle

See how the blueprint kind of resembles the actual cassette puzzle? Well because it is a mirror image! So, just match your symbol to the cassette number on the puzzle. All you need to do is to press the actual cassette after finding the corresponding symbol!

Viola! The monitors on the machine will display all of the symbols. Your quest information will be updated as well! See? The puzzle wasn’t that difficult, just soldier on and collect your rewards.

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