Death Stranding Whale BT Boss Guide

As you approach the end of Death Stranding, you will notice that you need to beat a humongous Whale BT to make the credits roll. The size of the beast can be overwhelming in and of itself and if you are having a hard time figuring out how to deal with this beast, hopefully, this guide can help you out in understanding the patterns of the whale.

The guide does not contain any spoilers for the game, so feel free to read on how to defeat the Whale BT boss.

Death Stranding Whale BT Boss

As you are making your way back to the Capital Knot City, you will notice the whale causing trouble and intervening in your journey to the other side of the country by trying to damage you from a distance. Make your way through, and as if it is not obvious enough, avoid death.

This is a long fight, and it is to be noted that your enemy will be floating and at a distance. So something accurate is definitely worth it.

Get automatic or burst-fire weapons for the precision shots, note that using a projectile launcher may have a chance of missing due to the movement of the boss, however predicting your shots correctly with the grenade launcher will definitely deal a considerable amount of damage and taking the risk definitely pays off.

Once you start your fight with the Whale, the beast will try to drown you in tar, head to the closest structure and climb on top of it to avoid the tar.

Attack on either sides of the torso to do extra damage. It can be spotted near the Golden Sheen and White Bone Structures.

When the Whale goes to dive into the tar, make sure to re-locate to a different structure for safety. It can very easily destroy the structure you are standing on causing you to drown in the tar.

Do not stay in the golden goo for too long either, as the Whale will rise and eat you.

Touch the touchpad on PS4 repeatedly to gain different resources such as blood bags, ammo, and kits from other players’ avatars. This will keep you stocked in terms of items so you can continuously deal damage to the Whale BT without wasting any time.

Keep an eye out for the golden goo monsters, when this happens, keep running around so they do not overwhelm you with numbers and deduct all your health. Utilize structures to your advantage and keep the goo at a distance.

You can deal large amounts of damage when the Whale boss opens its mouth, fire rockets in its gullet for extra damage.

Unleash all your firepower during this phase and it will definitely cut your fight shorter.

With everything in mind now, head in for the fight and hopefully by avoiding everything mentioned, and abiding to the weapon techniques provided, you will be able to emerge as the superior mammal

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