Death Stranding Vehicles Guide

The journey of Death Stranding will take you for some deliveries that you will find much taxing on foot. Luckily, Death Stranding allows players to complete these journeys on vehicles, which can be found and fabricated. Not only these vehicles allow you to quickly complete the journey, but they also provide higher weight limits. These vehicles run on batteries and you need to make sure the vehicles are charged enough for the journey, otherwise, they might run out and leave you stranded.

Death Stranding Vehicles

There are two types of vehicles, the Motorcycles known as Reverse Trikes and the larger Trucks. As expected, trikes offer higher maneuverability, can cross difficult terrain with higher balance and faster. However, where they excel in speed, they lack cargo space.

Bikes sometimes can even outpace MULES. Trucks, on the other hand, are slower and cannot tread difficult terrain, but they boast TONS of cargo space. If the delivery takes you through areas with roads, trucks can prove VERY useful. They can even drive through rivers with deep bottom but this uses lots of energy.

How to get the First Trike
A motorcycle/trike can be located just outside the Waystation, but it’s useless as it’s battery is drained, and you can not take it inside any facility. It can be charged with a GENERATOR. To learn how to fabricate one, you need to take Order 9 to deliver supplies to a Wind Farm before you can fabricate Generator from PCC.

Once you have the upgrade, return to the waystation and equip the PCC by pressing right on the D-Pad. Once you have it out, press down on the D-Pad to cycle between structures to find a generator, and then place it down next to the Bike.

Once built, it will rapidly charge up the bike, allowing you to ride it once more. However, it still lacks almost any durability.  You’ll need to drive it into a Waystation or Knot City that has a Private Room and leave it on the elevator when you go down. As you rest, your vehicle’s durability will be restored. This is the only way you can do so.

Even after you obtain this one bike, you won’t be able to create more, so use it with care. Vehicles do best on flat terrain, but the bike at least has a bit of an easier time handling rough ground, as you can hold back on the left control stick to stick your front wheels in the air, allowing you to climb over rocks with a certain degree of success.

You’ll even be able to get a bit more bumpy without damaging your cargo but longer drops or performing a jump with your bike at top speed are liable to damage cargo more on impact.

Repairing Vehicles in Death Stranding
Driving on difficult terrains, falls and Timefall damages the vehicles and you may notice rust accumulate on them. With time, they start to spark and may be destroyed on a big fall. Thus, you need to keep your vehicle durable by REPAIRING them. Unfortunately, cargo repair spray can not repair the vehicle so the player is restrained to Garages in Knot cities, Distribution centers and Safe houses.

All you have to do is leave the vehicle on the elevator pad at any applicable facility and go to Sam’s private room to rest. The vehicle repairs as Sam rests. You can also go in, store the vehicle, then when you bring it out again it will be completely restored.

Using Vehicles
Vehicles can and should be used for many deliveries around the DS world. This is because cargo can not be damaged in vehicles, as opposed to constant stumbling and tripping while walking on difficult terrain. However, due to limited battery life, the player should set path with paved roads as in Central Region. Driving in the center of paved roads will not use battery. Also for longer journeys, keep an eye out for charging spots and bring extra PCC in case you need to craft generator.

Only scenario in which vehicles should be avoided is when the objective is through difficult terrain such as mountains because going over steep areas quickly drain battery and might leave you stranded.

Though you can start fabricating Reverse Trikes and eventually Trucks in Episode 3, you’ll also be able to start finding and using vehicles left by other players. Each player can fabricate up to 4 total vehicles after which any other vehicles will start to appear online for other players to use, which can earn you likes if they are used. Be sure to check the garages at Distribution Centers and Knot Cities to see if any have been stored away.

How to Fabricate Vehicles

Fabrication unlocks after your visit to the central region. Before which you can only use trikes. But one you reach the Distribution Center in this region; you unlock access to trucks. Along with a Fabricate Equipment menu addition that lets you tamper with vehicles, once you are in a station with a garage available.

Fabricating the Reverse Trike into the Special “Ride”
There is a special type of Reverse Trike that you can learn to fabricate, but it is only unlocked from finding a specific Memory Chip in the Central Region.

Journey to the large ravine just to the north of the Film Director (and east of the Elder), to find a pit filled with noxious gas (known as VOG). Carefully use a Climbing Anchor to rappel down into the pit and look for the Memory Stick among the Chiral Crystals.

Returning to a terminal with this Memory Stick will unlock the “Ride” type Reverse Trike, a special variant that is near impervious to damage (excluding Timefall), and displays a “Ride with Norman Reedus” advertisement along the front.

Types of Vehicles

Reverse Trike

  • Standard-220 Metals, 160 Ceramics. Complete Order 23
  • Long Range-220 Metals, 160 Ceramics. Complete order 23
  • Defensive-200 Metals, 106 Ceramics and 48 Special Alloy. Obtain level 3 connection with South Knot City.
  • “Ride” type- 220 Metals, 16p Ceramics, 96 Special Alloy. Deliver Memory Chip from VOG Ravine above the Film Director’s bunker.


Cicada Phi, used by mules and terrorists, Sam may drive them. Cicada MC 2000 is a variant of the PHI that is specifically designed for Bridges Corpse Disposal and Special Delivery divisions, they can be further modified into:

  • Standard-320 Metals, 224 Ceramics. Complete Order 35 to unlock.
  • Long Range Truck (Level 1)-28p Metals, 256 Ceramics and 48 Special Alloy. Requires Level 3 connection with Center South of Lake knot City.
  • Long Range Truck (Level 2)- 360 Metals, 320 Ceramics and 144 special alloy. Requires Level 4 connection with Center South of Lake Knot City
  • Defensive (battery absorbs damage instead of durability)-240 Metals, 224 Ceramics and 96 Special Alloy

Vehicle Color Unlocks
Connection Various Facilities and Preppers will unlock rewards that grant you ability to customize the color of your vehicle

Connection Level in Distribution Center of South of Lake Knot City:

Level 3- Olive Drab, Navy blue, Wolf Gray, Stealth Black, Bridges Orange, Blood Red, Signal Green, Prismatic Purple

Level 4- Emergency Yellow, Sandy Tan, Coyote Brown, Express Purple, Cool Blue, Snow White, Rose Pink

Level 5- Grass Green, Mars Red, Desert Pink, Ghost Green, Lightning Blue, Bright Yellow, Volcano Orange.

Connection Level in Chiral Artist:

Level 4-Chiral Gold

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