Death Stranding Unger Order 39 Escape Battlefield Guide

Death Stranding’s Episode 4 has only one order for Sam, Order 39 Escape the battlefield. The order is necessary to progress through the story. After delivering supplies to South Knot City, you are swept into a weird tornado that brings you into a battlefield. In this Death Stranding guide, we will help you escape the battlefield and return back to where you originally were.

Death Stranding Unger Order 39 Escape Battlefield

The below-recommended items can be quite useful  when completing Order 39

  • Assault Rifle: Take all the new gear you get from the end if Order 38. Make sure to bring the Assault rifle…because it is a battlefield.
  • Handgun: Again, you get this at the end of Order 38.
  • Grenades: Same as above, you need to be equipped with all the gears from Order 38. The items recommended are pretty obvious as you’ll be in a battlefield.
  • Blood Bag: Bring atleast 3 of these as you’ll take a lot of damage here.

After being swept by the tornado on leaving the Distribution center, you’ll notice you are on a battlefield that appears to be from World War 1, with the tasked assigned to ESCAPE FROM THE BATTLEFIELD.

Your gear won’t be already equipped but scattered around. Get it all and put them in their right spots.

You will now see fading visions of soldiers running across your vision, they will not attack you but the crossfire will knock you down so hurry.

You will be passing behind the back of these soldiers as they fire to your left.

Next, a tank will head towards you. Continue down the path that the tank came from. Continue and a plane will dive Bomb you…..then disintegrate.

Continue and you’ll hit a barrack inlaid in the ground. Here, you will trigger a cut scene showing that Unger and his cronies are searching for you. This is where your fight begins.

To get through it, shoot Unger until he disappears…rinse and repeat for 4 to 5 times to escape the battlefield. You do not have to take out his cronies but it will make it easier to take down Unger.

You can find blood bags, weapons, and cryptobiote moulds to help you out.

Once you hit Unger enough, he will retreat and you will have to find him again in the maze using the Odradek scanner.

Repeat this for 4 times and you will load back outside the South Knot City’s Distribution Center. Pick your stuff and head to Mama’s lab to trigger Episode 5.

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