Death Stranding Isn’t For Everyone, Says Early Reviewer

Although we’re still in the middle of the Death Stranding review embargo, impressions seem to be slipping here and there. Reviewers from the biggest outlets in the world already have their hands on their game. One of them claims that Kojima Productions’ upcoming title is a masterpiece but it isn’t for everyone to play.

It isn’t easy to say that a game is the best thing that happened in its generation. Hideo Kojima though perfectly knows how to deliver a great experience. Be it the hype around its name or the fact that we still don’t really understand it, Death Stranding is huge right now.

A reviewer for the Portuguese publication has revealed that the game is one of the best titles in the history of video games. This comes as the first impression of a review for Death Stranding. As a result, it sets the mood for more to come.

Even though João Seixas, the reviewer in discussion praises Death Stranding, he still confirms that it isn’t for everyone. The post on Resetera about his opinion of the game had fans raging due to the fact that it categorizes players to casuals and hardcore ones, something that players tend to mistreat.

Even if we don’t like it though, sometimes it’s true. Not all kinds of players can like the same games or even the same things in a game. In reality, not all games are for everyone, especially when they are so bizarre and full of weird mechanics. Of course, there are many who won’t like rocking a baby to calm it down or pee on a mushroom. The story too is so complicated that there will be fans that finish it without realizing what they saw.

This doesn’t fall behind what we experienced with the Metal Gear Solid series though. Back in the day when MGS 3 or 4 released, we still knew that there will be players not drawn to that kind of gameplay or won’t conceive the huge universe around it. No game comes out of its launch without at least one player not liking it. This is practically what we love about video games.

Whatever anyone might say, we shall know what the critics release their reviews on Death Stranding after November 1st when the embargo lifts. Expect Metacritic ratings to start shaping up in the first couple of days after the lift.

Death Stranding releases on November 8, 2019, exclusively for PlayStation 4. Stay tuned for SegmentNext’s own Death Stranding review when the embargo lifts.

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