Death Stranding Planned Release Date is Slightly Delayed, Again?

Death Stranding’s release date is slightly delayed as it “has been slightly out of the initial plan” according to Hideo Kojima. Kojima has now provided some interesting details about the game’s development in an interview published by J-Wave.

The game is done from the beginning to the end but it’s not yet in the polish state because of being an open world game. He also mentioned that most studios lag behind their planned release date. In the case of Death Stranding, it’s slightly behind the initial plan but there’s not much delay.

With the story and design from the beginning to the end, as it is an open world game, it is not in the level of adjustment stage yet it is assembled. Currently, I’m doing a “doing this way”, “I will change the directing here” while holding the controller every day.

Many studios lag behind the planned release date,” DEATH STRANDING “has been slightly out of the initial plan, but not much delayed.

The creator of Metal Gear Solid series also discussed the drawbacks of having a planned release date. He explained by saying that an artist can keep working on the project until he’s personally satisfied. With a planned release date, he’s bound to have a goal and priorities.

If he didn’t have any deadline, he would just keep working on the game forever. However, that deadline also allows him to finish in time and achieve the best possible product as he would never release a game that doesn’t match his standards.

Basically, It’s the reason why we are desperately waiting for the game as Kojima is considered one of the best developers in the gaming industry and he proves it each time.

You can read the full interview here to know what the renowned developer had to say about the future of gaming, streaming, and entertainment, artificial intelligence and more.

The whole situation regarding the game is very complicated. After years of ciphers and trailers, we yet don’t know what the game is actually about. According to Norman Reedus, the trailers show us an aspect of it and the whole picture remains to be seen.

With Sony out of E3, we have to wait for a long time to understand the game better. Rumors tell us that Death Stranding’s release date may stretch far as PlayStation 5’s release. Personally, I think It’s very plausible and it could be a cross-gen title.

Death Stranding is in development by Kojima Productions and will release exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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