Death Stranding Not Being A PlayStation 4 Exclusive Rumor Debunked

During the Death Stranding panel at San Diego comic-con, a couple of new covers were revealed. These covers could also most likely be the box art of the game later on. One important detail to note out of them is the absence of an exclusive logo. Sony often puts this logo on any merchandise surrounding a game they plan to keep exclusive. The absence of it here suggests multiple things.

One thing is for sure, the game will be releasing on the PlayStation 4. It will start off as an exclusive most likely. This is evidenced by the fact that it’s Sony and Kojima Productions. Though it doesn’t have to stay as an exclusive forever.

Timed exclusives are a thing. I mean look at Borderlands 3, an Epic Store exclusive for 6 months. After that, it will be shifting onto Steam as well. Even GTA V used to be a console exclusive game until the PC edition came out.

The fact that it’s a Japanese cover is another reason I don’t think Death Stranding will go beyond the PlayStation 4. I mean Sony doesn’t exactly have a lot of gaming competition in Japan besides the Nintendo Switch. There really isn’t any need for them to provide the sticker. It only makes sense to add it in America where Xbox is huge.

Still, there could be many other reasons for the exclusion of the only on PlayStation sticker. The cover was presented to a live audience at San Diego Comic-Con. Perhaps they didn’t want to taint or take any details from the cover away with that sticker?

Then again, maybe this lack of an “only on PlayStation” sticker might mean they have plans for the PlayStation 5. It’s very possible.

There also hasn’t been a recent confirmation officially of Death Stranding remaining a PlayStation 4 exclusive. People have only assumed so due to the Sony production behind it. I personally still think the game will be an exclusive just for that reason.

Another bigger reason I think so is the fact that the Japanese covers of many exclusive games don’t have the stickers either. Uncharted 4, Days Gone and Bloodborne are all prominent examples of PlayStation 4 exclusives without the sticker. They weren’t timed either, they remain exclusive on the PlayStation.

This belief that it won’t, based on a missing sticker, can be seen as a bit of an overreaction.

Death Stranding is set to release in November 2019 later this year. Currently it is confirmed to release only on the PS4.

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