Death Stranding Exoskeleton Locations and Upgrades Guide

A huge chunk of Death Stranding’s gameplay is carrying cargo from one place to another. In the early game, this task will be very frustrating since you can barely carry 100KG on you. However, once you acquire the Exoskeleton, this painful job will be made significantly easier. This guide will show you how to acquire the Exoskeletons and how to upgrade them in Death Stranding.

Death Stranding Exoskeleton Locations and Upgrades

There are 3 types of Exoskeletons in Death Stranding, namely:

  • Power Skeleton
  • Speed Skeleton
  • All- Terrain Skeleton

Below, we’ll be showing you all of the exoskeleton locations and how you can upgrade them in Death Stranding.

Bringing your exoskeletons up to Level 3 will provide you with added benefits to last through the game more effectively.

How to Find the Power Skeleton

The Power Skeleton is actually pretty easy to get. You’ll get the Skeleton after completing the Order number 19 mission.

When playing through the campaign of the game, you will eventually have to head to the large Central Region map. Here, you will be given a quest to link multiple preppers to the Chiral Network.

One of these preppers is known as ‘The Engineer’; who will end up being your friend later into the story. Head to the south of Lake Knot City to find him. Once The Engineer is linked to the Chiral Network, he will reward you with the Power Skeleton, which will be at level 1 and will increase your carry weight. After you get it, remember to fabricate it and equip it in the cargo menu.

How to Use the Power Skeleton

The Power Skeleton can help you carry supplementary cargo since it increases the cargo’s load capacity. Apart from the additional weight carrying, it also helps you leap relatively higher in air than you normally do.

Using the Power Skeleton is a really easy task. It only requires few steps. The first step is to Equip the Skeleton from the Wheel menu, once it’s attached to your body, it provides you help in carrying more cargo weights.

However, the Power Skeleton works on a battery therefore, it comes with a limit.

Sprinting can easily kill its battery and will leave you with a giant skeleton attached to your body that doesn’t even function properly. So, to gain lasting benefits from it, you must use it wisely while making sure you don’t use all of its battery at once.

In case if the battery drops down and the Skeleton ends up being obsolete, you can always charge it with solar energy or with the help of generators.

How To Upgrade the Power Skeleton

Now that you know how to acquire the Power Skeleton, let’s talk about how you can upgrade it. It can be upgraded from level 1 to 3, with each level improving its weight carrying capacity and power usage. It is very important to upgrade it, as you will be using it for the rest of the game.

To get the schematics required to upgrade the Power Skeleton, your relationship with The Engineer will have to be improved.

This can be done by searching in the wild for the Lost Cargo addressed to him, and then completing Standard Orders for him from many other locations.

To unlock level 2 of the Power Skeleton, you have to get to 3 stars with The Engineer, and then 4 stars for level 3. In total, this will probably take you seven deliveries.

At level 3, the Power Skelton will allow you to carry 300KG at a time. Its Fabrication costs you around 160 Resins, 120 Ceramics.

Also, due to the upgrade in level, its battery also lasts longer, making it even more useful than it already was. This will make a lot of the quests in the game very easy for you.

How to Find Speed Skeleton

You’ll be given this Exoskeleton by Junk Dealer after playing the Order number 33 mission. In this mission, you’re given a task to deliver an hourglass to an artist. Once you’ve acquired the Skeleton, you can now freely craft it in case it gets damaged.

How to Use Speed Skeleton

As compared to the Power Skeleton, the Speed Skeleton doesn’t provide much load capacity. However, it does provide you with a boost in speed.

Simply equip the Exoskeleton from the Wheel menu so it gets attached to your body and once it’s equipped, you can use its mobility to jump high and use it at a fast pace to carry cargo.

How to Upgrade Speed Skeleton

Just like the Power Skeleton, the Speed Skeleton can also be upgraded till level 3. Reaching level 2 provides you with additional load capacity and lasts longer due to it being energy efficient.

At Level 3, you can get access to more load capacity and its battery lasts longer than before, costing you 120 Resins, 160 Ceramics for Fabrication.

How to Find All-Terrain Exoskeleton

Out of the three Exoskeletons, the All-Terrain Skeleton is best used for its stability as it provides you with a firm movement while jumping and carrying cargo; which is the safest cargo carrier out of the three.

This Exoskeleton is acquired from the Roboticist during the last phase of the game after completing the Order number 47 mission.

How to Use All-Terrain Skeleton

Just like Power Skeleton focuses on load capacity, Speed Skeleton focuses on its fast-pace, the All-Terrain Skeleton focuses on improving the overall movement such as climbing uneven surfaces.

Like the other Exoskeletons, this one also is equipped from the Wheel menu, once attached to your body, it provides you with benefits. In All-Terrains case, you can additionally press L3 to get an improved stability along with maintaining your Endurance Gauge.

How to Upgrade All-Terrain Skeleton

You can upgrade All-Terrain till level 3. Reaching level 2 of the Exoskeleton gives you a boost in movement stability and additional load carrying capability.

Once you’ve reached Level 3 of the All-Terrain, you can now use a fully loaded cargo carrier, best stability for any Skeleton and you can use it longer than at any other level.

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