Death Stranding Order 9: Power Supply Unit Delivery to Wind Farm, Crafting Generator Guide

In Death Stranding, Episode 2, Amelie will assign you the task to deliver the power supply to the Wind Farm. The main mission consists of a series of 16 orders that you will have to complete. Order Number 9 from those main Death Stranding missions is Power Supply Unit Delivery to the Wind Farm. This guide will take players through this mission, Order 9: Power Supply Unit Delivery to Wind Farm and teach them about the basics of crafting the generator.

Death Stranding Order 9

Wind farm is a new location and in order to connect it to the Chiral Network, you will have to deliver the Power Supply there. Before you head towards the Wind Farm. You must keep the following things in mind because the mission is a little tricky one.

The territory will be filled with Beached Things, so it is better to set a Post Box before you head down into the Ravine. Keep some containers of the Repair Sprays, as you will be encountering rains and sprays will help you in keeping your cargo intact.

Head through the Ravine up the hill, making your way to the East. As you climb the hill, you will enter into a Time Fall. This is the location where you have to set your Post Box so that even if you get knocked off by the Beached Things in the journey ahead, you can quickly start again.

Climb off the steep path into the Ravine. You can take the hard way on the left, or you can use your climbing anchor to make your way into the more steep and rocky area.

You will find the forest filled with BT’s here. It is best to avoid them as much as possible, even if you get into combat, use your fists smartly and then try disappearing from their sights as soon as possible. Check out our detailed guide on fighting BTs here.

Once you have crossed the jungle, head towards the Wind Farm to deliver the Power Supply Unit. Completing Order 9 will unlock the following rewards for Sam besides adding Wind Farm to the Chiral Network

  • Generator from PCC
  • Supply requests and Bridge Links from Cufflinks
  • Standard Orders

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