Death Stranding Order 70 Cremation: BB Guide

Taking BB for Cremation is your last and emotionally toughest mission in Death Stranding. In this Episode 14: Lou of Death Stranding Order 70: Cremation: BB guide, we’ll walk you through your last journey before the game ends.

Death Stranding Order 70

Episode 14 of Death Stranding consists of a single order. Finally, after going through so much and deciding what to do with Amelie and yourself at the end of Order 69, you have one last delivery to make; carrying the BB to its Cremation. This is quite a sad way to end a game because this is how you first began your journey and now it has to end this way.

Once you’ve started Episode 14, Order 70 will start by itself. Simply head to your southwest side, towards the Capital Knot City. You’ll not be interrupted by any MULEs or BTs during your walk and you’ll safely end up at the Incinerator.

After reaching the Incinerator, a final cutscene will trigger. The cutscene will play all the memories you had with BB. This cutscene is probably the most emotional one out of all in Death Stranding. The cutscene will end and you’ll enter the facility and cremate BB thus, ending the game.

Greetings on finishing Death Stranding! Once the Credits finish rolling you can still continue playing and complete the remaining orders and building the network linking UCA’s cities, since you’ll be taken two weeks back before the death of BB.

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