Death Stranding Order 7 Recovery: Chiral Printer Interface Guide

Death Stranding Order 7: Recovery – Chiral Printer Interface is your first proper run-in with one of the game’s primary enemy types, Mules. This mandatory early-game order in Episode 2 has you infiltrate one of their bases in order to bring back a stolen Chiral Printer Interface.

Death Stranding Order 7

If you follow the mountain path below you’ll only need to bring one ladder with you, and you’ll want the extra space. The MULES have some good loot other than the Chiral Printer Interface you can take back with you. Ditch anything you don’t absolutely need for this one

Head out of the Distribution center and around to the back of it. You should see a large hillside to your left and a river path to your right. The mountain path is the better, nut ultimately both lead to the objective.

Once you reach the camp, you should find the MULES sensor node. Don’t worry if you get detected, there are three Mules guarding the camps, you could face them head-on or use stealth to take them out from behind.

Use your odradek scanner to locate them and take them out quietly, We’re going to straightforward – safely infiltrating Mule bases is incredibly difficult, no matter how far you are through the game, so we’d recommend taking them head-on. So if spotted in the sneak attempt, hit them with square and break their guard, then knock them all out using square as the attack button.

Once you have dealt with the Mules, you’re free to raid their postbox nearby. In it, along with the Chiral Network Interface, you’ll find some lost cargo you can return, along with a hefty amount of Metals and some Resins as well.

We also found a Special Device and the Large Construction Device, which can be delivered back at Waystation West of Capital Knot City we need to go back to. It will be best if you brought an empty pack so that you could take this all back. Follow the path you took back to the Distribution center.

You’ll unlock Bridges Boots (Lv. 1), ability to recycle Chiral Crystals at delivery terminals and Episode 2 Orders 9 and 10.

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