Death Stranding Order 69 Go to Her Beach Guide

Death Stranding’s storyline is divided into a number of episodes. In each episode, you complete different cargo deliveries to progress the story. In addition to the main story, there are also many different side quests in which you complete different deliveries for a reward. In this guide, we will explain how to complete the Death Stranding Order 69, Go to Her Beach.

Death Stranding Order 69

As you probably guessed by the end of Order 68 of Death Stranding, the story is about to end and in this Order, Sam has to make a big decision on how to end things.

This order has to be completed successfully in order to progress through the story. This mission is not delivery, but more of a decision based one.

Order 69 is the start of Episode 13. After finishing the Order 68 in which you deliver Cryptobiotes to Fragile, walk around the dry land until Sam stops and sits down. This will trigger a cutscene.

After this cutscene ends, you will have a revolver in your hand, and you will have the option to shoot Amelia to stop her from wreaking havoc and destroy the World. But doing so will end the game for you so avoid that.

Put away the gun and get close to Amelia. Once you get close enough, press R2 on PS4 to hug Amelia.

Doing so will trigger another cutscene. After this, you will be at a beach. continue walking on land in any direction until Sam sits down and Amelia appears.

This will happen multiple times, you have to keep doing this until it starts to show the credits. This will be the start of a long interactive cutscene.

Walk around the beach while you watch the first set of credits for Death Stranding.

After these credits end, Sam will pull out the gun and put it against his head. A dramatic title screen will appear.

Press X to continue the cutscene. This will make you regain control over Sam and you will see five figures on horizon over the ocean. Head towards them.

Continue walking around the shore until you hear Lockne’s voice. Handprints will begin to pop out of the ground leading your way.

Amelia will appear in the Ocean wearing a white outfit. Walk up to her to trigger the final cutscene. This will be the end of the order 69.

After the end of the order, another long cutscene will appear after which you will be given one final order by Deadman for Episode 14.

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