Death Stranding Order 68 Cryptobiote Delivery to Capital Knot City Isolation Ward

Finding it tough to complete Order 68 for Death Stranding? We have just the guide you need.

Death Stranding Order 68

You are going to head to Port Knot City, where you will accept Order No. 68 to deliver the Cryptobiotes. Make sure you are stocked on weaponry before you proceed any further into the mission as you are about to face some dangerous BTs.

Once you deck yourself out with some Assault Rifles and Blood Bags, go out of Port Knot City and up the hill to the North-West leading to the pass that will take you down to the Distribution Center. You should now be able to see Gold Brain-Like BTs and other of the like.

Proceed cautiously through this area as you do not want to waste too much ammo making your way across these little guys. Bear in mind that you are going to want to save as much as you can for the final boss fight.

Clear your way if these buggers get too close to you otherwise, you will risk damaging your cargo which you do not want.

Brain BTs
If you shoot one of these guys, they will explode and split into two. You need to be careful in who you shoot amongst these as they can complicate your situation. Shoot them only if they are blocking your path otherwise you will end up over-crowding them and complicating the situation for yourself.

Squid BT
As you make your way down the hill you are going to have an unfortunate encounter with a Squid BT who is about to surround you with liquid. You can avoid him if you want, which is recommended considering you will be needing a lot of your resources for the final boss.

Climb the buildings which appear in the water and proceed North, keep avoiding the BT. Fire at it to prevent it from getting too close. Be careful to not tread over one building for too long as it will simply break whatever you are standing on.

Make your way through till the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City and keep going North, you might spot a lot of BTs so go ahead and tear off their umbilical cords and keep moving forward. You will also have MULES chasing you down which you should be able to defeat easily with hand to hand combat.

North of the Mountain Range you will face another boss; you will be fighting four Hounds. If they charge up to attack you, simply shoot at them to disrupt this attack. Keep going east and travel along the dry land and head to the other side to avoid the boss fight. Only to run into the final one.

Whale BT
You will now be faced with a big Whale thirsty for your blood flying around the air and diving underneath. Defeating this big boy is a challenge in and of itself and this monstrosity is the reason we have been conserving so much ammo of ours.

Make sure to not stay in one place and always be dynamic. If you stand in gold tar, you are at risk of a one-hit kill. Make sure to keep your distance and stand on buildings. The whale will either be flying or diving through the water.

When it is in the air, use the time to reposition yourself and task yourself to collecting ammo and weaponry. Once it dives, make sure you are well covered on one of the buildings.

Keeping everything in mind, the boss isn’t as hard as it size would otherwise indicate. After the whale has been killed, go to the Isolation Ward and finish the Order by delivering the Cryptobiotes.

It concludes the entirety of Order 68. This is one of the harder quests in the game considering the amount of over-whelming enemies thrown at you. However, if you maintain your ground and conserve yourself till the very end, you will have no problem in defeating the Whale BT and finishing the Order.

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