Death Stranding Order 67 Cliff Boss Fight Guide

In this guide, we will be discussing Order Number 67 of Death Stranding. In Order, you have to defeat Cliff Ungar once again in another boss fight and escape the Battlefield. We will also be discussing tips and strategies that would help you out during this order that would help you out in completing this.

Death Stranding Order 67

Order 67 will start automatically when you finish Order number 65 and you once again get shifted to a mysterious new battlefield by a tornado. To start off, head southeast from where you currently are and avoid the BT soldiers that will appear on the way.

It would not be possible to attack these BTs. There will appear a lot of houses that would be burning along with a lot of items there. Remember that you need to pick them up.

There will appear a narrow pathway that would be surrounded by trees if you continue heading southeast. When you get there a cutscene will be triggered including cliff and when this cutscene finishes you would have to fight Cliff, at this time Cliff is unaware of your location and you can hide from him using the tall grass.

Use the cover of this tall grass and take down his soldiers one by one using stealth and keep avoiding Cliff.

When you are done taking down his soldiers, the next trick you should perform is to sneak up behind Cliff near the whale in the lake. You need to bind him and attack him which will force him to retreat.

Then you would have to go after him and keep attacking him to deal damage and keep taking down the soldiers he is spawning.

The soldiers will be making is more difficult to pinpoint his location for your Odradek. There is a unique floating orange light on Cliff that you have to spot.

A cutscene will start when you have defeated Cliff which means that the order is finished.

Tips & Tricks

When you will be fighting Cliff, there will be a lot of items around that you can pick up. But it would be better if you don’t pick them all up as you will be easier to spot when hiding from enemies.

The Spotlight mode on your Odardek should be avoided at all costs as it will not let you track Cliff during the fight.

If you play this order in stealth, it would be very beneficial for you. There is tall grass all around, so you can use that and take out all the BT soldiers before you attack Cliff.

Get behind a BT and hold L2 to take him down using your strand.

This is the 3rd and last encounter with Clifford Ungar, the secondary antagonist of the game. Once you defeat Cliff, you can return back to where you were before the tornado swept you away and then continue with the rest of the game.

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