Death Stranding Order 64 Elimination: BT Guide

As soon as you reach the final Western Region, you face a Giant BT as part of Order 64 of Death Stranding. This Death Stranding boss fight is the hardest in the game and comes at a time when you are not even prepared. Here’s how you have to beat Higgs’s giant BT in Death Stranding.

Death Stranding Order 64

Once you arrive at Edge Knot City’s delivery terminal in Episode 9, Higgs will give you his usual speech about the end of the world and show you Amelie, who he’s kidnapped to help conduct his own nefarious deeds.

Part of his plan involves summoning a gigantic BT creature, with the head shapes as a clump of Chiral Crystal.

When the fight begins, you’ll be in a small area outside of the Edge Knot. Higgs will embed himself in the body of the BT along Amelie, on different locations.

You can shoot the BT directly with hematic rounds and grenades, but to critically damage the BT with each shot, shoot Higgs. Higgs will be on BT’s chest at the beginning.

Make sure every shot in aimed as Higgs, rather than the BT, as that will be just a waste of ammo.

You do have access to rocket launchers in the fight, which will prove VERY useful. Grenade launchers and assault rifles will also be pretty handy.

Once you have sufficiently damaged the creature, Higgs will relocate to BT’s shoulder. This is where it gets tricky. The BT will drop projectiles, which will fall at their own pace.

Avoid them (OBVIOUSLY) or shoot them to get rid of them (they will fall and stay on the ground, limiting your movement). The BT boss will also attack you with tentacles coming from his hands.

Again, follow the same strategy, hit Higgs and don’t get killed. With enough luck and good aiming, you will successfully kill the BT and end Order 64.

If you get killed, you will lose some progress, but its not so devastating. Try to get on top of a structure so that you get a better shot at the BT and it isn’t that easy for the BT to wallop you.

Remember to make use of items strewn around the battlefield. Be quick while grabbing the items as you will be in the tar and might encounter some goo monsters.

The best tip for this boss battle is to keep tapping the touchpad button on the console that lets Sam call out into the aether.

With that you can summon white avatars of other players that will rise from the deep and throw helpful equipment at Sam.

You can very quickly receive blood bags and grenade launchers to keep you alive when the going gets tough.

Once the BT boss dies, Higgs will confront you and shoot you and your BB a bit (all in the cut scene you can not do anything) and escape with Amelie.

You will respawn in front of the Knot City’s Terminal.

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