Death Stranding Order 63 Network Activation Key Delivery to Edge Knot City Guide

Order 63 Network Activation Key Delivery: Edge Knot City is the first mission of Death Stranding episode 9. You need to attempt this mission since it is vital to story progression.  This walkthrough covers how you can get through this Order 63 successfully.

Death Stranding Order 63

For Order 63 you need to collect the Network Activation key from the Distribution Center North of Edge Knot City. You will need to take it to the city so that you can activate the chiral network.

This order is difficult and takes some time to complete.  Accept it from the Distribution Center North of Edge Knot City and you will get the Network Activation Key.

Before you leave, be sure to stock up on some BT killing ammo since you will encounter quite a few of them.

Some Hematic Grenades, the Remote-Detonation Grenade Launcher and Anti-BT Handgun should come in handy.

Hopefully, you won’t have to fight too many enemies and can get past most of them quietly but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared if the worst happens.

You need to depart south from the Distribution Center until you reach a tar pool. It will then begin to Timefall. You will then come across the remains of a destroyed city.

It is filled to the brim with ruins of old buildings and rubble. Once you start going through the narrow pass that is surrounded by ruined buildings, a cutscene will initiate that introduces you to a type of BT which resembles a floating brain.

Stealth is a vital part of Order 63 since taking on the BTs isn’t the best idea. Make your way through this entire route while sneaking quietly so that you don’t alert any BTs. They will attack you immediately if you try getting up so tread lightly.

If you’ve remembered to stock up then you have some cover in case things go south, but it’s best to try and avoid that outcome if you can.

Keep proceeding south and you will be clear of the more dangerous one. There are BTs there but they resemble humans so ready your weapons and start mowing them down. Throw some Hematic grenades at them and watch them fry.

Once you have cleared the path, you can proceed to Edge Knot City, where you can deliver the Network Activation Key and finish Order 63 Network Activation Key Delivery: Edge Knot City.

Successful completion of this order rewards you with a new type of rocket launcher known as the Quadruple Rocket Launcher